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Federal Government Begins Civil Rights Investigation In Georgia Prisons

This Tuesday, the Department of Justice of the United States of America announced that a state investigation would begin on prisoners’ civil rights in Georgia, showing real concern about violent situations.

Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke, who is in charge of overseeing the department’s civil rights division, reported that the investigation would be conducted in a detailed and exhaustive manner but that special attention will be paid to “the harm to prisoners as a result of violence. between prisoners.”  Likewise, cases of sexual abuse among prisoners of the LGBTQ+ community will be analyzed, taking into account the prisoners and the staff.

Also, Clarke said in a press video conference: “Under the Eighth Amendment to our Constitution, those who have been convicted of crimes and sentenced to serve a sentence in prisons should never be subjected to cruel and unusual punishments. We must guarantee dignity inherent human nature and the worth of all, including those who are incarcerated.”

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp’s office forwarded a request for comment on the investigation to the state Department of Corrections. Corrections spokesperson Lori Benoit said in an email: “The GDC is committed to the safety of all criminals in its custody and denies that it has engaged in a pattern or practice of violating their civil rights or failing to protect them from harm. Due to violence. This commitment includes the protection of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTQ +) prisoners from sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and sexual assault.”Federal Government Begins Civil Rights Investigation In Georgia Prisons

Clarke said that the Department of Justice would be responsible for providing a written notice for any reasonable cause that allows them to believe that there is a case of a constitutional violation. They will also consider the rights they support and the minimum corrective measures and added that the department would work with the state to create solutions to these issues.

Clarke said the Justice Department is committed to addressing the effects of the prison staff shortage, inadequate policies and training, and lack of accountability.

Additionally, Clarke said that understaffing is a particularly devastating problem, which can lead to inadequate supervision and violence. It can also prevent people from getting needed medical and mental health care. People who experience mental health problems can injure themselves, harm others, or commit suicide, all of which are risks that increase if they are locked up and do not have adequate mental health care.

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Final words

Clarke reported that the Justice Department’s investigation is due to the extensive review of publicly available data and extra information. He said that “Among the things considered are the concerns raised by citizens, relatives of people in prison and civil rights groups, as well as photos and videos that have been leaked from state prisons that have highlighted the widespread smuggling weapons and overt gang activity in prisons. “

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