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FDA Advisers Hold A Debate On Pfizer’s COVID Booster Injections

The Food and Drug Administration’s independent advisory panel plans to meet in a permanent session this Friday to review the most recently submitted Pfizer data.
In this session, they will discuss whether a booster dose of this vaccine is safe for generalized use, also if it is necessary and helpful to guarantee a level of protection against COVID-19.
Even so, it is not that your vote is binding since the FDA is not obliged to follow the recommendations of the (VRBPAC), although in general, they do take its recommendations into account and do so.

After the vote, FDA will decide whether to approve it or not. Next week the independent advisory committee for Disease Control and Prevention will be offering more details on the use of booster vaccines and when to be indicated.

The discussions will start at 8:30 am this Friday; a public hearing is also taking place in the afternoon, and they will also answer the questions related to the session on the presentations of Pfizer and the FDA. The committee will debate on the issue for two hours and vote around 4:45 pm.

This meeting takes place amid a controversial debate over the timing of its drivers. At the same time, some health specialists say that the information and data from Pfizer that justify the booster injections for about six months after the primary doses are still very premature.

Two senior FDA officials have publicly voiced their opinion confirming that it is too early to administer booster injections to the general public; they believe that vaccines still offer strong protection against serious diseases.

Meanwhile, the head of Israel’s public health services, Dr. Sharon AlroyPreis, has also been invited to the meeting this Friday. She is also expecting to present important data and her point of view on booster protection against COVID infection and other serious illnesses.
The FDA wrote a report that potentially relevant data and studies on the vaccine and its use as a booster.

Still, these have not yet been independently reviewed or verified, so the underlying data or its conclusions are unknown. The agency says Pfizer’s efficacy data may be slow down by the limitations of studying reinforcements under real-world conditions.

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Final Words

Although the evidence for booster vaccines is still not very clear, the president of the United States, Joe Biden, is still making progress in his mass immunization policies to counteract the effects of COVID19 infections.

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