Lusby Mother Killed In High-Speed Motor Vehicle
Lusby Mother Killed In High-Speed Motor Vehicle

Fatal Multi-Vehicle Crash in San Jose Claims Woman’s Life!

Following a multi-vehicle collision in San Jose early on Monday evening, a woman passed away from her injuries on Tuesday, according to the authorities.

Several vehicles were involved in a major injury vehicle collision Monday at around 6:13 p.m. in the vicinity of Monterey Highway and Live Oak Avenue, according to a tweet from San Jose police.

According to police, the investigation revealed that a man was traveling south on Monterey Road in a Dodge Durango at a high speed when it side-swiped a Lexus sedan and then rear-ended a Hyundai sedan. A Chevy pick-up truck and a Toyota sedan were both struck by the Hyundai, which was also pushed into a fourth vehicle.

All other drivers were unharmed in the collision, but the woman driving the Hyundai was seriously hurt. The woman passed away from her wounds in a hospital on Tuesday.

Lusby Mother Killed In High-Speed Motor Vehicle

The Santa Clara County Coroner’s Office will inform her family before disclosing her identity. According to the police, it was the 17th traffic fatality and the 16th fatal collision of 2023.

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Anyone with information on this case is urged to contact Detective Bowen #4461 of the Traffic Investigations Unit of the San José Police Department at 408-277-4654 or [email protected].

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