Family Reunion
Family Reunion

What Happened To Shaka On “Family Reunion”? His Fans Miss Him

Fans aren’t sure what happened to Shaka McKellan on Family Reunion since Part 5 of the Netflix comedy came out on Thursday, October 27, without the Isaiah Russell-Bailey character.

One viewer tweeted on Thursday, “I was so excited for Part 5 of Family Reunion, but one of my two favorite characters is no longer on the show.” “I won’t watch if Shaka isn’t there.”

So, On “Family Reunion,” What Happened To Shaka?

The audience of the sitcom finds out that Shaka has been sent away to boarding school throughout the story. Mazzi McKellan, Shaka’s musically skilled younger brother, played by Cameron J. Wright, is now in a difficult position due to this development.

Mazzi develops greater independence and maturity as he “finds himself navigating high school without his older brother, Shaka, who is away at boarding school,” as Netflix notes in a synopsis of Season 5 of “Mazzi: The Complete Fifth Season.”

Shaka’s Omission From ‘Family Reunion’ Disappoints Fans

The sudden disappearance of Shaka has elicited a strong reaction from Shaka’s followers on Twitter. On Thursday, one member of Twitter asked the following question: “So, they just gon’ take Shaka out this season of Family Reunion?”

On the same day, another viewer tweeted, “Watching Family Reunion in amazement that Shaka is gone…”

On Thursday, a third viewer expressed their shock at the news that Shaka would no longer be appearing on Family Reunion.

Family Reunion

And as a result of Shaka’s position as missing in action, another viewer despises television. On Thursday, the individual in question tweeted, “Aww, why did they get rid of Shaka on Family Reunion?!!” “I can’t stand watching TV. They did nothing more than send him away to boarding school, and there is no chance we will ever see him again.

Isaiah Russell-bailey Is Thanking His Fans For Their Support

On Thursday, Isaiah posted a picture of himself on Instagram with former Family Reunion co-stars Warren Burke, who plays Daniel on the show, Loretta Devine, who plays M’Dear, and Brittany Perry-Russell, who plays Candy.

@warrenslburke, I’m so proud of you, bro! “Congratulations on being a first-time director!” As Warren started working on the movie Lucille, Isaiah wrote. “@lodivadevine You don’t know how much I’ve been missing you. I’m glad I got to see you. You are the goat.”

One person who commented on the Instagram post said that Isaiah “is missed in the final season,” while another said that “fans of all ages miss him on the show.” In both cases, Isaiah replied to thank the commenters for their help.

The Young Actor Also Has A Big Disney Plus Movie Coming Up

According to a report published in March 2021 by Deadline, Isaiah would star in a science fiction movie for Disney Plus called Crater. The film was a coming-of-age narrative in a colony on the moon.

The following is an excerpt from the logline that was provided by Deadline: “After the death of his father, a youngster growing up on a lunar mining colony takes a trip to explore a mystery crater with his four best friends, preparatory to being permanently evacuated to another planet.”

The role of Isaiah’s father in the film will be played by Scott Mescudi, better known by his stage name Kid Cudi, an actor and rapper. Billy Barratt, Orson Hong and Thomas Boyce will play friends of Isaiah’s character in the movie. John Griffin wrote the screenplay for the film, and Kyle Patrick Alvarez is attached to helm the project.

Therefore, it’s possible that Isaiah had to leave the Family Reunion in order to keep his (imaginary) reservation on the moon.

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