Fake Website Selling Advance Moderna Vaccine Busted, One Arrested

Fake Website Selling Advance Moderna Vaccine Busted, One Arrested

Oluwalade, a 25-year-old resident of Maryland was recently arrested on Friday, for federal wire conspiracy for running a fake website that sold a vaccine for COVID-19 for $30 per dose. Oluwalade had given the fake website a look similar to the actual Moderna website, by stealing their logo and the orientation, along with certain bits of information on the vaccine.

It was a close dupe, and could not create doubt of its authenticity unless observed closely. The authorities found a Contact link that reads “You may be able to buy a covid-19 vaccine ahead of time. Contact us,” and its website name, “Modernatx.shop.” The website has been seized by federal authorities now.

This was unveiled as a conspiracy committed by Oluwalade, along with 2 others, for which he pleaded guilty to gaining access to the bank account which shall keep all the money collected from the fraudulent scheme.

He was arrested when an undercover cop pretended to deliver the money after detailed exchanges on e-mails, for trying to place a bulk order from the fraudulent scheme, and he agreed to get the same through different digital apps.

Oluwalade who was released earlier this year on Bond now looks ahead to a maximum prison time of 20 years; however, the sentencing date is not decided yet.

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The other two co-conspirators have not been traced as per court records. One of them is Olakitan “Olaki” Oluwalade, a cousin of Oluwalade; and the third man has been identified as Kelly L. Williams.

A number of convictions have been affected with respect to the vaccine for COVID-19, such as wastage of over 500 doses or stealing and trading for cash authentic vaccination cards, overcharging for vaccine doses, providing counterfeit vaccination cards, etc.

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