Fake News On A Rise In Attempts To Woo Latino Voters

Fake News On A Rise In Attempts To Woo Latino Voters

In an attempt to swing the elections the opposition leaves no stone unturned to tarnish the image of the leaders. For an instance, Facebook ran ads specifically to convey to the Latin American voter base portraying to them that Joe Biden was a communist. Many conspiracies also were hatched around his inauguration regarding his association with certain shady people.

Also during the run for Governor in Virginia, Spanish written posts surfaced which pointed towards Biden ordered the incarceration of a man at a school board meeting. All of which was fake news.

More alarming is the effect it can have on voters, and influence their decision. This practice against the democrats has been at work for a long time. It has in the recent past cost them losing seats in South Florida and the Rio Grande Valley in Texas.

There is a need for constant vigilance and checks especially with the almost equally split house, all the bureaucrats, activists, legislatures are finding it hard to combat this menace aimed at Spanish-speaking voters. The main medium where the falsehood is being propagated is social media.

“For a lot of people, there’s a lot of concern that 2022 will be another big wave,” said Executive Director of Global Americans Guy Mentel. It is a think tank providing a key analysis of controversies and their development across the Americas.

In Virginia, at the place Republican Glenn Youngkin vouched to protect “parental rights” in schools, false headlines were suspiciously floated about a controversial school board meeting.

“Biden ordenó arrestar a padre de una joven violada por un trans,” was an extract of one of the articles, which can be read as “Biden ordered the arrest of a father whose daughter was raped by a trans.”

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“It has everything to do with trust in institutions. Trust in government,” said Maria Teresa Kumar, president, and CEO of Voto Latino, a nonprofit that mobilizes Hispanics to become politically engaged. The group also works to combat the spread of misinformation. “Eroding that trust will transfer not just to voting in the midterms, but just overall disengagement from your government.”

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