Ex-Miss America Jo-Carroll  Died At Age of 97, More Information After Her

Ex-Miss America Jo-Carroll  Died At Age of 97, More Information About Her

Evan Mills said Jo-Caroll Dennison won the title of Miss America during World War II in 1942, at that time she refused to wear a swimsuit because it was against her tradition. She was the oldest Former Miss America Winner now she has gone at the age of 97. As we know from our source CNN, and a friend of Dennison also revealed that she was found dead in her house in California on October 31.

Evan Mills reported that the Ex-Miss America Dennison “serves as a model for young women  and men  in a world where many are tempted to bend to social expectations rather than trusting and following their own moral compass.” Mills also edited her biography book where he got the information of her death straight from her family.

Awards And Achievements Of Ex-Miss America Jo-Carroll Dennison

Miss America was born in Florence in Arizona in the year 1923, she was born in the hospital of men’s state prison. She did her graduation from Hale Center School. She later joined a traveling show with her parents when she was a child, where she learned to sing, dance, and ride horses. Before she chose her career as a model or chosen for the Miss Tyler pageant in Texas, she was learning to become a secretary.

Jo-Carroll said in her story “Finding My Little Red Hat” after the medicine show, that she said she will not perform in public again. Later, she participated in Miss Tyler as stated CNN. She also got the title Miss East Texas, Miss Texas, and Miss Tyler pageant, later then she won the Miss America Beauty contest in 1942 when she was only 18 years old.

Nonetheless, She topped the swimsuit competition, when she also denied wearing the swimsuit in the whole journey of Miss America. She appreciated the Miss America Organization for declining the swimsuit concept of the contest in 2018 and aimed at the “totality of each candidate” throughout the contest’s 100th anniversary earlier this year.

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Jo-Carroll was titled Miss America after the U.S entered World War II. Later she joined 20th Century fox, she did films such as “The Jolson Story” and “Winged Victory”, a drama. She linked with Charlie Chaplin’s son Sydney and comedian Phil Silvers, later then she married him in 1945 and separated in five years.

She had two kids with The producer and director Russell Stoneham before she separated from her husband in the year 1970s.

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