Eren Season 4: What Happened With Him In The Attack of Titans? Is Eren Dead?

Eren Season 4

Final episode of Attack on Titan has been brewing for a while now. Is it still possible for Eren Yeager to be redeemed at the conclusion of the game?

He reaches a new low in Eren Season 4, Episode 14, “Savagery,” as he engages in a heated debate with Mikasa and Armin.

In order to injure both of them emotionally and physically, he assaults them. Since a result, his future is now in doubt, as he’s destroyed the last remaining ties that had supported him in the first place.

When season 4 began, we learned he had a newfound loyalty to Zeke, and that most of his previous links to the group have been cut off as well.

Eren’s decision to shut out Armin and Mikasa from his life is a grim one. He expresses his “real” sentiments for Mikasa and how she works only to protect him throughout their talk. His reaction is horrible and he goes so far as to claim that he hates her.

Armin rushes forward with fists pumping as soon as he hears it. As Eren points out, Armin and Eren never fight because it would never be a fair battle.

As a result, he has just informed Mikasa that he despises her and beaten Armin to a pulp in the same moment. They’re his closest companions. They were once worth retaining, but now they’re no longer worth the effort.

Eren’s new low is simple to blame on Zeke.

Eren’s devotion to the project for Eldia’s future causes him to distance himself from his other connections. It is not always Zeke who is to blame for He is the animosity against Mikasa.

However, he’s always appeared a bit distant from her, despite the fact that they had a strong relationship. As painful as that is to hear, it’s possible he’s now ready to express his feelings.

As Eren grew up, Armin and Mikasa were his genuine family, despite the fact that Zeke is Eren’s half-brother. Rather than animosity, it’s probable that this breakup of their relationship is fuelled by love. It seems as though he and Zeke’s scheme might end in disaster for them.

The destruction of the connection between Eren and his pals may be a way for him to save them from being harmed by the dangers of the world and his own death.

In other words, are Eren’s behaviours preventing him from rehabilitating himself? With only one more episode of Attack on Titan to go, it’s still possible to discover why he’s decided to stand with Zeke and sever his previous ties.

His behaviours may become more understandable and comprehensible given context. As of now, he’s at a new low since his morally reprehensible behaviours have been applied to the two individuals he considers most important in his life. What about the rest of the world? Has he given up on Armin and Mikasa?

Eren Season 4

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