Encanto: Who Are The Members Of Madrigal Family Tree?

In a short time, Disney’s animated smash Encanto has become a beloved classic in homes across the country. Here you will read about who are the members of the Encanto family tree?

The heartwarming tale of a regular girl finding her place in her unusual family has won over readers worldwide; the wide cast of relatives makes it easy for anybody to feel a connection to at least one clan member.

Who Are The Members Of the Encanto Madrigal Family?

Encanto Family Tree
Encanto Family Tree

The story’s emotional core is Mirabel, but the entire Madrigal family and their magical abilities contribute to its telling.


Mirabel, the film’s heroine, tells the story from the moment she realizes she is the only one in her family without some sort of magical ability.

Despite her feelings of isolation and lack of self-worth, Mirabel may emerge as the most vital family member when she learns that there is more to life than just using her magic.


In contrast to Mirabel, who thinks she doesn’t matter, Isabela is often regarded as the ideal youngster because of her remarkable capacity to influence plant life.


Super-strong Luisa, the middle Madrigal sister, hides her feelings behind a wall of muscle throughout the film.

Augustin and Julieta

The Madrigals’ parents are as different as night and day. Augustin, Mirabel’s bumbling father, married Mirabel’s gifted mother, Julieta, and thus became part of the magical family.

Julieta, the town’s “doctor,” uses her culinary skills to cure patients.

Pepa and Felix

The family’s aunt and uncle are another unlikely pair who bring a new dimension to the Encanto tale. Aunt Pepa’s volatile emotions allow her to influence the weather, but fortunately, Felix is always nearby to keep her in check.


Nosey Dolores’s ability to overhear conversations makes it inevitable that she will discover the family’s deepest, darkest secrets.


Camilo, the eldest son of the Madrigals, has the hilarious ability to change his appearance such that he looks exactly like anyone else.


Bruno is the black sheep of the family since he has the ability to predict the future. Bruno is shunned by his family because of his visions, and no one speaks of him until his genuine sentiments toward them are revealed.


Antonio, Mirabel’s younger cousin, is her closest relative and a natural animal communicator. Even though she lacks any magic skills, Antonio nevertheless looks up to her as a source of wisdom.


The grandfather has little role in the film, but he was influential in the family’s survival when he gave his life to ensure their escape from attackers.

Auntie Alma

Abuela Alma, Mirabel’s grandmother, is the original sorceress in the family. The matriarch of the family takes the safety of her loved ones very seriously.

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