dr phil net worth
dr phil net worth

Dr Phil Net Worth: Personal life, Early Life and How Much He Earn By His Show?

Phil McGraw better known as “Dr Phil” is an American TV host, author and former psychologist who has made million in his career. Dr Phil makes between $60 million and $90 million a year from his many jobs.

McGraw owns everything that is on his show. He pays CBS to show the show in exchange for a significant share of the money made from ads and product placement. He is also a co-founder of the telemedicine app Doctors on Demand and an executive producer for “The Bull” and “The Doctors.”

McGraw has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology but is not allowed to work as a psychologist. He first became well-known when he started going on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” in the late 1990s. He and his wife, Robin, live in Beverly Hills, California.

Dr Phil’s Early Life

On September 1st, 1950, Dr Phil made his debut in the world in Vinita, Oklahoma. He spent his childhood in the oil fields of North Texas, where his father worked as a supplier of oil field equipment. When Dr Phil was a little boy, the Philbin family relocated so that Dr Phil’s father could follow his lifelong ambition of becoming a psychologist. Overland Park, Kansas, was McGraw’s high school, and Shawnee Mission North was his high school.

In 1968, he received a football scholarship and decided to enroll at the University of Tulsa. He played middle linebacker. McGraw was a squad member that the University of Houston defeated with a score that was among the most lopsided in the history of the NCAA.

The final score was 100-6. The following year, McGraw moved to Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas, where he studied psychology for four years and received his bachelor’s degree. He graduated with his degree in 1975.

At the University of North Texas, he was awarded a Master of Science degree in experimental psychology in 1976 and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in clinical psychology in 1979. After completing his education, McGraw spent several years working in private practice.

CSI Courtroom Sciences

In 1990, he established CSI Courtroom Sciences, Inc., a company that served as a resource for businesses and individual plaintiffs seeking guidance on how to reach settlements successfully. After becoming involved with CSI, McGraw gave up his career as a psychologist. He never let his license expire and kept it in good standing until he decided to retire in 2006. That was 15 years later.

In 1995, Oprah hired Phil’s company to represent her in a libel case she faced due to making derogatory comments about beef on her show regarding mad cow disease. The claim said that Oprah had spread false information about the beef industry.

In 1998, Oprah invited Dr Phil to come on her show. Because of his overwhelming response, Oprah Winfrey asked him to make regular appearances on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” as a relationship and life strategy expert on Tuesdays.

The Dr Phil Show

These early appearances helped him gain national notoriety and renown, which, in due course, led to the creation of his very own show, which made its debut in 2002. Today, “The Dr Phil Show” may be seen on television throughout the United States thanks to its widespread syndication. Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo Studios is the production company behind “The Dr Phil Show.”

Since 2003, McGraw has been in the business of helping people lose weight by selling shakes, supplements, and energy bars. On his show, these products were highlighted, and he invited his sisters, Deana and Brenda, and his nephew Tony to provide testimonials about how effectively the products functioned. The goods were sold under the brand name Shape It Up, Woo Woo on the marketplace.

dr phil net worth

Soon after, Dr Phil found himself the target of an investigation by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which was investigating claims made by Dr Phil that the goods “may help you modify your behavior to take control of your weight.” In March of 2004, after coming under examination from the FTC, McGraw removed all of his supplements from the sale, at which point the FTC ceased their investigation.

In 2005, he was the target of a class-action lawsuit brought by customers who utilized his products but did not experience any weight loss. In 2006, McGraw reached a settlement with the plaintiffs in action for a total of $10.5 million, of which the plaintiffs received a total of $6 million in the form of Amway brand vitamins.

Dr Phil’s Net Worth

Dr Phil McGraw is an American TV broadcaster, author and former psychologist who has made over $460 million in his career. Dr Phil’s annual salary ranges from $60 million to $90 million.

Dr Phil’s Personal Life

McGraw was only 20 years old when he married his first wife, Debbie Higgins McCall. After three years, the marriage was thrown out. While getting out of his first marriage, McGraw started dating Robin Jo Jameson.

In 1976, they got married, and Jay and Jordan were born. McGraw is also a private pilot who can fly single-engine planes with an instrument rating. McGraw started the Dr Phil Foundation in 2003, and its goal is to fight against childhood obesity.

Dr Phil’s Real Estate

In 2008, Dr Phil and his wife, Robin, spent $7 million on a house in Beverly Hills. They put this house on the market in 2010 for $16.5 million. They sold it for $12 million in April 2011.

In 2010, the McGraws spent $29.5 million on a vast hillside home in Beverly Hills. The house is a three-acre Mediterranean-style villa with a main house of 14,000 square feet and has five bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. There is also a pool and a guest house.

McGraw and his wife put another Beverly Hills home on the market in 2011 for $6.35 million. No one was willing to buy this house. In January 2020, they put it back on the market for $5.75 million. It has a gun-lined dining room and other unique touches that can be included in the sale if the buyer wants.

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