dove season
dove season

Texas Dove Season: First-time Hunters Should Know These 8 Things

Thursday was the first day of hunting season in Central and North Texas for 2022. It was dove season.

Check if your county is on the list of those open for business, and then prepare for the hunt. Here are a few things you should do to get ready for the perfect search:

Prepare To Drink Plenty Of Water

During the festivities on Tuesday, take care not to allow yourself or your dogs to become overheated. Bring along a water container made of plastic for your dogs so that you can douse them with it if they get too hot.

In addition to any necessary migratory stamps and the mandatory HIP certification, hunters will be needed to have a brand new one. The acronym HIP refers to the Harvest Information Program, a component of selling your license that the federal government mandates. Make sure you have that with you on the field; otherwise, you won’t be allowed to play.

Obtain Your New Licence As Soon As Possible

Hunters will need a new one and any migratory stamps and HIP certification they need. HIP stands for Harvest Information Program. It is a part of your license sale that the federal government requires. If you don’t have that in the field, you won’t be allowed to be there.

Bring Enough Shells

It may be difficult to believe, but the national average for hunters shooting at doves is 5-7 bullets per dove harvested. That works to around three full boxes of shells for an average daily bag limit of 15 doves. Make preparations.

Watch out for snakes

There are a lot of them floating about, and some of them have the potential to cause harm to you or your dogs.

dove season

Don’t Mix Birds With Friends

After you clean yours, please put them in a plastic bag on ice. I keep a Sharpie in my car’s glove box to write how many doves were killed, when, and where on the baggie. To make sure of everything and avoid any trouble with the law.

Don’t Forget To Plug In Your Shotgun

Nothing can spoil a hunt more quickly than getting checked and finding out that you removed the plug at some point during the previous season, even if I can’t fathom why or how you would have done it.

Check Legs Of Doves

Remember that TPWD has been tagging doves for a while to study where they live and how many of them there are. Check the legs of the doves you kill to see if they have small tags on them. These tags can easily get lost.

Pack Plastic Bags

Just make sure you have some plastic bags so you can put your birds in them before you put them in the ice chest. I write my name, the date, and the number of birds in the bag with a permanent marker. If a game warden stops you and asks to see what you killed that day, you won’t have to worry about getting in trouble. It also keeps you from taking the same birds as other hunters, which is against the law.

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