Dome Modifications For Elton John After McCartney Heavy Traffic
Dome Modifications For Elton John After McCartney Heavy Traffic

Dome Modifications For Elton John After McCartney Heavy Traffic: Parking and Payment Details

Ten tractor-trailers were used as a stage for Paul McCartney’s June performance at the JMA Wireless Dome. For his Saturday performance, Elton John has assembled a cast of 22.

At 8 o’clock tonight, Elton John will perform at the Dome as part of his farewell tour, “Farewell Yellow Brick Road,” for which 36,000 people have already purchased tickets.

Pete Sala, vice president and chief facilities officer at Syracuse University, oversees event preparations. Sala noted there were delays with parking and entry for the McCartney show. Therefore, precautions had been taken for the upcoming Elton John concert.

‘We’ve lifted our game,’ Sala added. We’re in a great mood about it at the moment.

What you need to know before you go:


Sala recommended that people pre-load their tickets into their phones before entering the facility. Congestion at the entrances is possible if thousands of people try to download their tickets at the same time from the area’s slow internet.

Tickets start at $177 and are still available through Ticketmaster. Warning: unless you don’t mind sitting in the front row, tickets will be pretty expensive. Ouch, that’s a lot of money, $1,800.

Do We Have A Show Today?

With the passing of Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday, many have speculated that Sir Elton John would postpone or even cancel upcoming performances to return to England for the royal family’s memorial rituals. According to Sala, Elton John’s team hasn’t indicated that this is a possibility.

We have to put an end to that, he remarked. We’ll keep the curtain up. Sir Elton John attended numerous of Princess Diana’s memorial gatherings after being knighted by the queen in 1988. While performing in Toronto on Thursday night, the musician dedicated his set to the monarch.


Sala suggested that everyone arrive early. As scheduled, the concert will begin at 8 o’clock that evening. At six o’clock, you can enter the Dome.

Payment Options: Cash Or Credit

Credit. Paying with a credit card is not an option in the parking lots. Like the rest of the Dome, the goods stand between gates N and P and do not accept cash. Alcoholic beverages will also be available in a quick-grab format.

Player System

There will be a lot of people at this event. According to Sala, the crew has hung speakers from the roof, the stage, and everywhere for Elton John’s show because there is so much more video equipment than for Paul McCartney’s. Each one is precisely timed to ensure that even the farthest listeners hear every nuance of the performance perfectly synchronously with the front row.

Sala claims he has addressed the concerns raised in several emails regarding dead zones. Just in case, please inform an usher of any problems. The sound crew will be notified, and if Sala is correct, they should be able to resolve the issue within 15 minutes.

Coveralls And Hats

Any bag you bring must be see-through. Sala predicts increased scrutiny and a more stringent policy this time around.

No masks are required on the shuttles or inside the Dome, thanks to New York City’s recent repeal of its mask law for public transit.

You may wish to bring a sweatshirt. Air conditioning has been installed in the Dome.

On September 8, 2022, Pete Sala, Vice President and Chief Facilities Officer at Syracuse University, discusses preparations with reporters one day before Elton John’s concert.

Finally, S.U.’s student-athletes deserve credit for arranging the concerts with McCartney and Elton.

‘Work has been impossible,’ Sala added. However, McCartney received a phone call from his promoters in the nick of time in June.

The promoter says, “I know this is impossible, but is there any chance you might get me some labor for Sunday morning? We can’t take the stage down!'”

Ten minutes later, “we had 32 lacrosse players and the crew teams,” he proclaimed.

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