Divers Place Containment Dome on Pipeline Following Ida Oil Spill

In the Gulf of Mexico, a company supervises the response to a huge oil spill caused by the passage of Hurricane Ida, and yesterday they reported that they placed a containment dome over the broken underwater pipeline to prevent future spills.

Houston-based Talos Energy said in a statement that oil spill response contractors installed the containment dome Monday night. This was a determining factor for the oil recovery that came from the broken pipe of 1 foot in diameter (equivalent to 30 centimeters) to transfer it to the vessels on the surface.

Talos announced that he did not own the broken pipeline, which divers identified as the source of the 18-kilometer-long oil slick that came out of nowhere after Hurricane Ida passed through the area on August 29.

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Last week, The Associated Press reported that aerial photographs showed a brown and black oil slick expanding further and further about 2 miles south of Louisiana, specifically at Port Fourchon. This broken pipe is approximately 10 meters underwater, which is a shallow distance.

The Talos company said that the oil slick that appears on the surface narrowed over the weekend and that heavy crude (black oil) has not been seen since Sunday.

Best of all, so far, it appears that the spill remained at sea and did not affect the coasts of the state of Louisiana. However, there is still no estimate of the specific amount of oil in the water.

The US Coast Guard reported that response teams were monitoring reports and satellite images to estimate the discharge range over the weekend. According to the company, Talos had previously leased Bay Marchand but left the site in 2017, sealed its wells, and removed all pipeline infrastructure by 2019.

The company reported that they work in conjunction with the Coast Guard and Louisiana regulators to act and get the owner of the pipeline.

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Final words

The Coast Guard said the company stated that it secured the wellhead to stop the leak and placed an arm to contain a space of approximately 40 hectares of oil above the water. The amount of oil that escaped from the platform has yet to be determined.

The Coast Guard continues to give priority to the more than 350 environmental incidents that have been reported after Hurricane Ida, joining the investigations of local, state, and federal authorities.

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