Dexter Season 9: What is The Storyline, Ratings And Reviews? Check Here


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Here we will tell you about the ninth season of the show like when it is aired, what is the storyline, and ratings & reviews of the season.

Dexter Season 9

Dexter is a crime drama television show created by James Manos Jr. The set of the series was located in Miami, the story of the show revolves around Dexter Morgan, a forensic scientist specializing in bloodstain pattern who work for the fictional Miami Metro Police branch, he became a serial killer what he do he punished those peoples who did the crime and still they are safe because the justice system is corrupt.

The first season of Dexter is adapted from the novel Darkly Dreaming Dexter written by Jeff Lindsay. After that, the novel turns into a T.V series directed by the creator James Manos Jr he also wrote the first episode of the series.

The second season includes the works of Lindsay.

Dexter Season 9 Release Date

The official announced that the eighth season will be the final season of the show, they will not make any Dexter series. The season was a huge hit at that time, it was the most-watched series with 3 million viewers.

A spin-off of Dexter consists of 10 episodes the name was Dexter: New Blood that was premiered on November 7, 2021.

Season 9 of the show will not release in the future instead we can say Dexter: New Blood worked as the ninth season for the viewers.Dexter Season 9

What is The Storyline Of Dexter Season 9

Stranded at age three, when he needed to observe his mom being ruthlessly killed with a trimming tool, Dexter was embraced by Miami cop Harry Morgan. Perceiving the kid’s injury and the ensuing advancement of his sociopathic inclinations, Harry has maneuvered Dexter to channel his frightful bloodlust toward vigilantism, killing just appalling crooks who fall through the criminal equity framework.

To work with covering his productive path of crimes, Dexter additions work as a measurable examiner, representing considerable authority in blood scatter design examination, for the Miami Metro Police Department. Dexter is incredibly careful and prudent; he wears gloves and utilizations plastic-wrapped “kill rooms”, cuts up the bodies, and discards them in the Atlantic Ocean’s Gulf Stream to decrease his odds of location.

Dexter battles to shuffle his twofold life. Despite the fact that his destructive propensities are profoundly resolute, and he initially asserts separation, all through the series, he endeavors to feel typical feelings and keep up with his appearance as a socially dependable person.

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Dexter Season 9 Trailer

What are The Ratings And Review Of Dexter New Blood?

Here we have the ratings of IMDb given 9 out of 10 and the Rotten Tomatoes gave it 72% out of 100, the ratings are superb if you won’t watch the series then you can because it is also praised by the critics. Down we have given the reviews of critics.

Rebecca Bodenheimer
San Francisco Chronicle
“While it shouldn’t be a prerequisite for shows to include lots of contemporary references, it would be nice if this one were a little more surprising.”
Michael Idato
Sydney Morning Herald
“If you ever wondered if the reason why Dexter works as a narrative is that Hall effortlessly blends naive innocence with the sociopathic horror of an amoral killer, then Dexter: New Blood is the confirmation of that.”


Now we are ending our article, we have given you the details we have about the show. I hope you liked reading our post, if you have any queries related to this topic then you cab as us in our comment section.

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