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Democrats Ready To Pull Their Socks Up To Give A Tough Fight In Mid-Term Election With Biden’s Domestic Policy Bill

Alarm bells have gone off in the house of Democrats, as they saw the elections slipping from their hands, from Virginia to other N-places now. It is more than important that they take steps to ensure their slim majority in Senate, if not increase it.

Joe Biden’s plans to provide better health and safety net programs, and also fight climate change has seen various policy changes being brought and incorporated.

The current design of the plan aims to be expansion of universal pre-school education, covering paid family leaves for dependents’ needs etc., Medicare benefits for the elderly, Another policy under discussion is the continuation of Child Tax Credit (CTC) , which helped a lot of lower income family groups, and rather to expand upon the program.

With the past few elections, and the anti-trump fatigue, the democrats really needed to pull something out of the bag, and so they did. The Infrastructure Bill which just recently got the President’s assent to become the word of the law has swung the momentum back in their direction.

The hugely debated bill, which was a bipartisan attempt to turn it into a law due to divided factions between the Democrats itself, gave many people an insight into beneficial policies. The popularity of the same and the enthusiasm around it has made the Democrats rethink their approach with this new bill if they wish to stay in power, and the need to act collectively for the people of America.

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It was a rare occurrence where the Trillion Dollar spending bill got the support of Republicans across the bench, however to deliver on more election promises the party will now have to act on its own. The positive hope kindled in the people also gives the politicians something to work with.

With these upcoming expenditure plans in the long term, and democrats continuing to push for more positive changes.

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