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Decisions against Covid lead Newsom to face possible recall

The Democratic governor of California, Gavin Newsom, has faced during his first term of office the pandemic of the covid-19, which has claimed the lives of more than 65,400 Californians.

His mandate has been defined by his response to the serious event, full of contradictions. Newsom issued the first state order urging residents to stay home, thus preventing most public school students from attending classes.

This happened while his children could attend face-to-face classes in private schools, which alerted many people from the beginning.

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In November, the governor was seen at dinners with friends, and other political representatives gathered in luxurious restaurants, despite his policies prohibiting gatherings outside his home.

Newsom has assured that his measures against the covid have been taken based on scientific data. Even so, these have not been successful for the population, which has led them to now have to face a competitive recall election unexpectedly.

Without further argument, Newsom’s most recent decision has mandated that all healthcare workers be fully vaccinated before the end of the month.

While there is nothing that forces all citizens to keep masks mandatory throughout the state, despite the high level of spread of the delta variant today.

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Even so, and despite these measures that much of the population has criticized, the most recent survey by the California Institute of Public Policy published this Wednesday reveals that 58% of possible voters want to keep him in office.

The ballots have been sent by mail for the voting to the people, who have until September 14 to return them as the deadline for the elections. This happens while the governor’s political rivals focus on the use of masks and the vaccination order.

Meanwhile, this whole process also takes place while hundreds of people are in evacuation camps due to the fires in California. So many have wondered how much the decisions made by Governor Gavin Newsom during the pandemic influence the voters who now also face this tough time.

Reporters and journalists from different media have taken on the task of visiting the different camps where the affected people are to find out their opinions regarding the withdrawal of the current governor. To which they have obtained diverse answers.

While some support the governor and plan to vote against the recall, others help collect signatures to get the recall election on the ballot.

Final words:

In California, citizens express their annoyance because their children have lost more than a year of studies, only receiving distance classes, while the reality of the governor’s children was different.

Voters have described Newsom as an elitist president who focuses his pandemic measures only on the masses, while he practices the opposite



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