"Death Notice," The 12th Episode Of The Rookie's Fifth Season, Is Reviewed And Recapped
"Death Notice," The 12th Episode Of The Rookie's Fifth Season, Is Reviewed And Recapped

“Death Notice,” The 12th Episode Of The Rookie’s Fifth Season, Is Reviewed And Recapped

At the beginning of Season 5, Episode 12 of The Rookie, Kelly Clarkson makes a cameo appearance in the police station elevator. Chen lies to Tamara about where she is when she gets back home. Tamara tells her that she saw Bradford drop her off. She tells Tamara that she and Bradford are taking things slowly and haven’t slept together yet. Tamara asks what’s stopping her and says that if she knows how she feels, there’s no reason to wait.

Chen tells Bradford at the station that she is ready to move on to the next step and that Tamara already knows about them. Later that night, they plan to meet at her place. Tamara will be at her friend’s, so they’ll have time.

Sergeant Wade asks them to ride together because Lopez asked Thorsen to help her with her case, and she wants to do it with him. Chen thinks it will be awkward, but Bradford, who is always a pro, says it will be like any other ride. Chen thinks about telling Sergeant Wade she has food poisoning, so she doesn’t have to ride with Bradford.

She says that things have changed between them since they started dating and that Bradford isn’t as hard on her as he used to be. She is right in a technical sense, but does that mean they can’t work together anymore?

Elsewhere, Wesley tries to discover from Harper what’s going on with Elijah’s case. But Harper doesn’t tell, and there’s a good reason for that. Lopez tells Thorsen about the issue. They will keep an eye on a man named Rivers, who is thought to be selling guns.

Sergeant Wade asks Nolan and Juarez to watch at the hospital while a prisoner gives a kidney. Oscar is the prisoner. We’ve met Oscar a lot, and Sergeant Wade thinks he’s up to something. He tells Nolan to stay on his guard.

Oscar tries to make a move on Juarez, but her instincts tell her that Oscar is going to die, so she turns him down. Oscar says he’s doing a good thing for his daughter Ashley, but he’s just trying to get her to pay him money. Ashley says that she will be done with her dad and criminals after the surgery, but her current boyfriend’s strange behavior makes it hard to believe that. In the hospital, he keeps getting “lost.”

While Nolan is trying to get Oscar under control, Lopez and Harper start their watch. Lopez feels sick, so she decides to take a pregnancy test. The test comes back positive. Harper tries to make her feel better and tells her everything will be okay.

In the meantime, Chen and Bradford arrest a man, and after the man pays bail, he accuses Chen of stealing his expensive earrings. Chen worries that she spent too much attention on how things were changing between her and Bradford and that she did something wrong. They try to find the earrings by going back over their steps. Bradford hopes that if they find the earrings, he won’t have to tell the IA about Chen.

In Oscar’s case, a former orderly tries to kill him. Duke, Ashley’s boyfriend, overdoses on drugs he stole from the hospital’s medicine cabinets. Oscar also goes against his doctor’s orders and orders food to put off the surgery. Bailey stops by to give Nolan a bag to stay in for the night.

Ashley is angry that her dad is using the surgery to get out of jail for a few days. She is thinking about leaving the hospital. Oscar has never been her father, which hurts her. Nolan tells her to be patient and wait it out. Juarez feels that she got into Oscar’s head, which is why he did everything he could to delay the surgery.

Lopez calls off her date with Wesley at the end of the day so she can keep watching Rivers. When Rivers and Elijah come out of a club with Rivers, Harper gets mad at Lopez for lying to her. She tells Lopez to get out of the car because she’s angry that Lopez is ruining Elijah’s case. Harper is right. Elijah did hire a private eye to keep an eye on Lopez, and now he has a good reason to go after her legally.

Elijah tells Lopez and Harper to be careful by sending his lawyer, Monica. The two detectives insist that they were watching Rivers and that Elijah’s presence in the club was just a coincidence. Sergeant Wade is mad, but he tells them to tell him what happened the following day.

Chen calls off her date with Bradford and tells Tamara they both had a hard day. It made them realize that dating your boss can be challenging in many ways. Bradford goes to see Chen and says he can’t be objective around her. Lucy tells the truth that the earrings were never lost, to begin with. She just wanted him to be honest, so they could figure out what to do.

"Death Notice," The 12th Episode Of The Rookie's Fifth Season, Is Reviewed And Recapped
“Death Notice,” The 12th Episode Of The Rookie’s Fifth Season, Is Reviewed And Recapped

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The following day, Nolan and Juarez meet a new doctor named Acker, who is there to watch the operation. Nolan and Juarez notice that the lead doctor is acting strangely, so they decide to look into it.

It turns out that the new doctor, Acker, is a fake. The primary doctor admits that her family was taken, hostage. Last night, kidnappers broke into her (the lead doctor’s) home and took her family hostage. They will only let them go if she kills Oscar during the surgery. They catch the fake doctor, and Chen and Bradford lead the mission to save the real doctor at his home. They keep the doctor’s family, and everything goes as planned with the surgery.

Chen and Bradford think about who will leave the station first. Chen believes it should be her, but Bradford says they still have time to decide. Bradford tells Sergeant Wade that he is dating Chen and is serious about her. He gets a desk job as the Court Liaison Sergeant, which is not under Chen’s command. Chen worries that his new job will be tedious, but he says he will be fine. In the end, they fight for a while and then go to bed together.

Lopez tells Harper she’s sorry for lying to her. She says that she is afraid Elijah will come to get them. Harper tells her she has the case in hand. Lopez tells Wesley she is pregnant when she gets home. Wesley is both happy and afraid.

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