Death Note characters
Death Note characters

6 Most Popular Death Note Characters Ranked Worst To Best

What would you do if you could kill anyone simply by writing their name in a book? The answer for “Death Note’s” main character, Light Yagami is clear: he tries to use Death Note to make the world a utopia where there is no wrongdoing. But, as the old saying goes, good intentions are what lead to hell.

The light soon turns into “Kira,” a mysterious killer who will do anything to keep his bloody rule. Anyone who dares to ask Kira a question dies supernaturally. But then L, an intelligent detective with a sweet tooth, steps in. Soon, death gods, high school students, models, and police officers are all drawn into this battle of wills, from which there may only be one winner.

6. Hitoshi Demegawa

Demegawa’s desire for ratings gets the best of him in the end. He becomes Kira’s official spokesperson and brings his show, “Kira’s Kingdom.” However, many of Demegawa’s demands go against Kira’s ideas, which only feeds his ego (and his bank account). Demegawa’s name is written in the Death Note as punishment for going against “God’s” word. He dies live on TV.

Death Note characters
Hitoshi Demegawa

Hitoshi Demegawa only cares about ratings, ratings, and ratings. He is a selfish, greedy, and short-sighted person who would be terrible to work for but is fun to watch. When Misa Amane, the Second Kira, sends blackmail tapes to Sakura TV, Demegawa laughs because he knows they’ll get a lot of viewers. Soon, Soichiro Yagami shows up at the TV station and asks for the tapes.

5. Kiyomi Takada

Kiyomi is sure that Light loves her more than anyone else. Light only uses her to keep up appearances, of course. After the time jump, Light joins with Kiyomi and makes her new voice Kira. This is because Hitoshi Demegawa has died. Kiyomi is intelligent and beautiful and has a very refined air about her.

Death Note characters
Kiyomi Takada

This makes her a great choice. Also, Kiyomi seems to get along better with Light than the childish Misa Amane. The show knows this and uses it to its advantage in Episode 33, “Scorn,” which pits the two women against each other. Unfortunately, Light gets rid of Kiyomi as soon as she becomes a problem. She’s a sad reminder of how violently he rose to power, and fans won’t forget her for a long time.

4. Naomi Misora

Naomi was going to marry FBI agent Raye Penber, who followed Light Yagami before he died too soon. After losing Raye, Naomi decides to figure out the mystery he left behind. Naomi, a skilled FBI agent, figures out that the person who killed Raye Penber was there when Light staged the bus theft to get Raye’s name.

Death Note characters
Naomi Misora

She is also very close to being able to tell the police how Kira kills his victims. But Light uses Naomi’s feelings against her and tricks her into telling him who she is. When he knows her name, he makes her walk to her death. Even though Kira kills her, she is a memorable character because she is intelligent and kind.

3. Mello

At first glance, Mello seems to be nothing more than an L. who likes chocolate. But Mello is very much his person, and he is willing to put the lives of others on the line to get things done. Like Near, Mello was raised to be L’s replacement at Wammy’s House, a unique orphanage for gifted children.

Death Note characters

Even though Near and Mello are more intelligent than most people, their attitudes differ. Near is calm, relaxed, and childish, similar to L. On the other hand, Mello is rude and full of himself. The murders of Kira are just a chance for Mello to finally show that he is better than Near and claim to be L’s rightful successor.

2. Near

Like L, Near sits in a squat position and seems far away when talking. Mello has L’s taste for sweets, but Near would rather play with toys. During his investigation of the Kira murders, Near uses darts, puzzles, and even hand puppets that look like the suspects because of his childish love of all things plastic and fun. In the same way, Near thinks of the Kira investigation as a game.

Death Note characters

Even though Near seems emotionless, he is happy, as shown by the sly smile that crosses his face whenever his suspicions are proven to be correct. Given how old Near is compared to Light, Light’s loss to Near feels like a social comment: the older generation always loses to the new. This gives the “Death Note” story a unique and exciting twist right before it ends.

1. Teru Mikami

In Episode 32, “Selection,” there is a flashback to when Mikami was younger and stood up to bullies at school. This childish desire to be the hero comes back to hurt him in the end, because the bullies at his middle school don’t hold back when they pull him. Even Mikami’s mom stops believing in him because he keeps putting his life in danger.

Death Note characters
Teru Mikami

When Mikami’s mother and the people who picked on him die in a freak accident, probably caused by Kira, he gives his life to the new “god” who kills the “wicked” people in the world. Mikami is the best person to be the “Hand of Kira” because of how he sees the world. However, his approach is more religious and self-centred than Light’s, and he seems to feel very happy when he uses the Death Note. Even though his death isn’t a surprise, his character arc is still fun.

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