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Dearborn Mayoral Candidates Abdullah Hammoud And Gary Woronchak To Fight It Out In Elections on Tuesday

The August Election saw candidate Hammoud receiving a 42% vote share followed by Woronchak with 18.5% to make it as the second popular candidate for the Mayor of Dearborn.

The voters shall also be electing City Council Members and the city’s Charter Commission from a pool of 14 Candidates and 9 candidates respectively.

Rep. Abdullah Hammoud

A Dearborn born, with Lebanese parents who came to the country as immigrants, lived in humble backgrounds as they had 5 children, but worked round the clock to put food on the table successfully. This part of his life has motivated him to uplift him and those alike and work for the people, and finally become the Mayor of Dearborn to give back to the community as well.

“Growing up, we lived in 12 different homes by the age of 14,” Hammoud told the Press. “It’s a working-poor story. It’s not unique just to the immigrant story, I think it’s a story that many people feel if you have a working-poor family.”
Out of his parents, his mother arrived in the U.S. at the age of 4 while escaping the civil war in

Lebanon in 1974. She was later joined by Hammoud’s father, who became a truck driver and worked a number of odd jobs like being a cashier at gas stations. His mother could not complete her education as she had a child at an early age, however, she went on to complete the same and today operates her own small insurance agency.

While Hammoud and his siblings did not experience luxuries in their childhood, his family stressed being educated to make a difference in their lives.  He also recalls joining his father during his odd jobs, as he had been a part of it as well.

“I was … in the back of that truck, turning down the steel coils with them. I’ve worked with a gas station clerk, I used to either be the stock boy or I used to fry chicken at one of the Chester’s Fried Chicken inside of the gas station at a young age. I’ve done everything you can think of: valet, waiter, sweeping, mopping, all of it.”

At the age of 28 his brother passed away due to seizures, and that incident made him walk away from a 6-figure salary in the corporate world. He said, “I decided to walk away from the corporate world and be with my community, the city of Dearborn and to those around me, what my brother was for all of us, which was an advocate and a helping hand.”

Gary Woronchak

Born in Detroit, Woronchak moved to Dearborn when he was old enough to go to school. He started working early, with his High School as a freelance photographer. Growing unto the same he was promoted and worked his way up to later become its Editor for 16 years. He had whilst attended a community college, and graduated from the University of Michigan-Dearborn, with Bachelors’s in Political Science.

Woronchok had a career spanning over two and a half decades as a journalist. He went onto work and wore many hats in the county from representing Dearborn, Allen Park, and Melvindale in Warne County Commission. He was re-elected by his colleague commissioners for 4 terms, before retiring from the same in 2018.

He has led various efforts such as, “help create the county’s first ethics ordinance, prohibit severance payments, stop secret deals for appointees, save the Meals on Wheels program for seniors, and spoke out against the Muslim travel ban under former President Donald Trump and racism”, as reported.

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On being asked by the Press why he was running for Mayor and his Vision for the future, he said, “I’m running because I love this city, and because I believe Dearborn would be best served by a mayor with my experience, background, and proven record of accomplishments. My vision for Dearborn’s future is for the city to be a place where young families want to locate, where senior citizens feel safe and secure, and where our great diversity blends together in harmony.”

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