Dave Bautista Wants to Pair with Jason Momoa for a Lethal Weaponry Style Buddy Film


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Dave Bautista took to Twitter to dismiss the idea of a lethal weapons movie with Momoa and director David Leitch. The concept, in this case, would be an outright murder series from buddy cop movies with Momoa as Leith’s partner. 

Leitch is currently working with Brad Pitt on the high-speed train project, while Momoa is presently filming Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom, so it is possible that both parties could get some free agency on the line.  

Bautista comes with the Netflix film Army of the Dead, the sequel to Lost in Vegas. Bautista will also appear in a rogue role in the highly anticipated “Dune,” due out in the fall.    

For a character like Drax, knowing what was going on, he already desired to make a Jason Momoa movie franchise that could be taken seriously, judging by the reaction on Twitter to many of the projects. 

For a figure of his time, he carried on without being aware of what was going on, but he wanted to do it, and it was a significant undertaking. For Drax at the time, all he did was know what had happened, and he tried to make the film.   

When movies made many throwaway comments and ambitious jokes, Dave Bautista said Jason Momoa would make a movie he said he didn’t want to make. 

Nowadays, films make throwaway products, comments, and ambitious little jibes, and Bautista’s suggestion that Momoa should make the film makes that happen.

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There are many frivolous comments and ambitious little jokes about movies these days, and when Dave Bautista recommends that Jason Momoa make a movie with him, he says that no one wants that.

Bautista has experienced a meteoric rise in his profession since he became a professional, and was nominated for his participation in Drax in the Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy show, Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead, Netflix’s Dune appears to reshape. He lets individuals know what kind of movies he wants to make and which not. 

In a recent Twitter post, he informed his fans that he would take part in a Star Trek series and that there is a film he is interested in staring in, one which is neither Dwayne Johnson nor John Cena.  

Bautista hasn’t announced what he wants to do next, but one thing about Momoa is that the whole plan has to go where it’s on the market to be picked up and discovered. 

So I’ll throw it in an environment and see what happens. There is one person I would like to work with, and I haven’t announced who that person is, but I would like to do something with Jason Momoa, and if he has a complete plan, I would like to let him find it. 

Dave Bautista Was On Brink Of Bankruptcy

Bautista revealed in a recent interview that he was on the brink of bankruptcy when the role of Drax was offered. While the character had what it takes to be a superstar somehow, he felt that Guardians of the Marvels remained undeveloped in the movies. 

Bautista did not reveal in the interview what his chapter would have been if he had been given the role. Still, it was a position that made him a famous person in some ways, and it’s something he felt underdeveloped in Marvel’s Guardians film, that’s Bautista’s Infinity Battle.  

Bautista has floated the idea of a deadly-Waffen-style film with Momoa and Director David Leitch on Twitter. Bautista, 52, recently admitted that he struggled to do his job after he decided to leave the WWE and had an emotional breakdown when he was given the role of Drax the Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy. 

Since both Bautistas and Momoas have worked on several projects, they may team up again to streamline Lethal Weapon.  

Since Bautista and Momoa have already collaborated on several projects together, they may also work together again for something simpler like Lethal Weapon this time. 

And with Bautista no stranger to action movies, Leitch could step in and help take advantage of their partnership on the big screen.  

He wants it to be a buddy cop movie in the vein of Lethal Weapon, with the two giants upfront and in the middle. Dave Bautista said he would like to partner with Jason Momoa for a Lethal Weapon-style buddy cop makeup film. 

He also shared that he would love to work with Momoa to make it happen in a death-defying buddy cop movie. 

Jason Momoa has the rugged, restrained charisma of a good 80s action hero, but it’s a shame that the laws of modern blockbuster cathedrals mean he spends more time playing in CG monster throws in Justice League than in gruff B-movies as if it were nothing. 

It’s not a perfect film, but he knows how to raise his eyebrows when it matters. After years of smooth Cronenberg riffs and upgrades, this is a film about the separation of mind and body. The butcher’s brawl will be a martial arts version of the extended one-liners that pervade Judd Apatow’s films. 


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