Who Is Dan Bilzerian’s Wife? Playboy Posts Cryptic Wedding Photo


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Since Dan Bilzerian uploaded a photo on Instagram implying that he’s married, his fratboys and crypto-bros have gone into a frenzy. In the Instagram photo, Bilzerian can be seen dressed to the nines in a breathtaking all-black tuxedo, connected arm in arm with a beautiful girlfriend who is clutching a white flower bouquet in her hand.

With the comment “I finally did it,” Bilzerian added gasoline to the fire, claiming the entrepreneur had finally gotten rid of his playboy persona after years of playing cards, puffing on cigars, and growing marijuana. Is he still alive?

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Dan Bilzerian Wedding Rumors

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that there’s more going on here than just a slew of congratulations words and hearts that the internet sent forth. Bilzerian is well-known for being a troll who enjoys making fun of his big social media following for his personal amusement.

The Ignite CEO and creator recently posted a picture of him playing tennis with a big racquet with the comment “Don’t take yourself too seriously,” while in 2016, he famously referred to his ‘chicken legs’.

As he’s been known to do over the years, Dan Bilzerian is taunting critics with a trademark “I don’t give a f*ck” attitude, making us believe that the wedding photo is just another post from a social media megastar.

Dan Bilzerian Wedding Rumors
Dan Bilzerian Wedding Rumors

When you take a closer look at the recent post, which was practically devoid of context other than a simple French Riviera geo-tag, you may begin to dissect the rumors. His bridesmaids wear sage green dresses, which are a popular choice for brides.

However, despite the fact that the idea of wearing all white is archaic and orthodox, this photograph suggests that his companion isn’t the blushing bride. It also contradicts assertions made by Paul Bilzerian’s son, 41-year-old Paul Bilzerian, a business takeover specialist.


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Every teenager’s ideal has come true in the form of Bilzerian’s affluent Instagram lifestyle that has featured thousands of beautiful ladies, unending parties, and high-rolling endeavors. The 41-year-old with a fondness for weapons has embraced that period, with a 2014 post stating that he was fully anti-marriage

The social media Socrates delivered some truly inspiring content, but he wasn’t done yet. Then then, in 2015, he posted a picture with the comment “Marriage; wrecking lives since Adam and Eve,” but maybe the tide is shifting for Bilzerian now.

According to recent rumors, Bilzerian has recently been romantically linked to Sofia Beverly, a social media influencer who has been pictured with the celebrity playboy over the years. Since she does not appear in Dan Bilzerian’s purported wedding photo, many have concluded that the photograph does not represent a legal marriage between the two.

According to the general symbolism of marriage, both Bilzerian and the mystery woman wear rings on their left hands.

What People Are Saying About Dan Bilzerian’s Wedding Post?

Dan Bilzerian’s marriage story was a surprise to us, even though celebrity weddings don’t generally draw our attention. The internet was in a state of utter disbelief when a dazzling, non-monogamous social media star tied the knot.


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‘Ain’t no way bruh,’ one user commented under the post, while another wrote, “Fake news!” Even so, Thor Björnsson, who appeared in Game of Thrones and was formerly the world’s strongest man, congratulated him on Twitter. Many young men will find inspiration in this.

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The Dan Bilzerian wedding rumors have divided the internet, and it’s hard to tell if the playboy has truly left his previous life behind. The Ignite entrepreneur is unlikely to give up what has become his identity for so long, according to our perspective. When it comes to Dan Bilzerian, marriage just doesn’t seem possible, but who knows? However, don’t put your money on it happening.

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