Is Da Brat Pregnant Brat Loves Judy's Talks About Having Kids
Is Da Brat Pregnant Brat Loves Judy's Talks About Having Kids

Is Da Brat Pregnant? Brat Loves Judy’s Talks About Having Kids

Reality TV personality and rapper Da Brat (real name Shawntae Harris) has been having a blast. She and her wife Jesseca Dupart revealed their pregnancy in February 2022, and we’re watching the whole thing unfold on their reality show, Brat Loves Judy.

They didn’t say who was expecting the baby in the announcement, but we now know it’s Jesseca. However, fans of their reality program are questioning if Da Brat is pregnant after a scene in the second season. What we do know is as follows.

Is Da Brat Carrying A Child?

Da Brat
Da Brat

Da Brat and Jesseca have not yet commented on rumors that the rapper expects. But a scene from Brat Loves Judy suggests that she gave it some thought. Brat and her wife are discussing their future as a family in a sneak peek for season two.

In a candid admission, Jesseca says that she and her spouse are too busy right now to start a family. Brat is also currently creating new music. Yet Brat also claims to have fibroids, which might make childbirth dangerous.

In another scene from the film, brat is on FaceTime with Judy, discussing her health. A medical professional discovered two fibroid tumors. Given this, Jesseca’s doctor advises against conception. She is distressed and wiping away tears throughout this talk.

Despite the unfortunate events, Da Brat has been receiving encouragement from her Instagram followers. They’ve come up in the post’s comments to discuss how their health problems didn’t prevent them from becoming parents.


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One user said, “I have had fibroids and cysts my whole life, and I had a perfectly healthy nine-pound, one-ounce baby girl.” In other words, “It’s possible.” Someone else mentioned that they know a woman who had fibroids and yet had children despite the risks associated with carrying a pregnancy while carrying a fibroid.

When Are Jesseca and Da Brat Going To Have Their First Child?

There is no known due date for the Harris-Dupart baby at this time. It’s possible that the due date is set for the fall of 2022, given that Jesseca wasn’t exhibiting when they first announced the pregnancy. Since Da Brat is quite secretive about her personal life, it makes sense for the couple to keep this information under wraps. This reality show displays her at her most exposed.

After years of speculation about her sexuality, Da Brat finally came out publicly in 2020 when she revealed her relationship with Jesseca. Rumors of her attraction to women have circulated throughout her decades-long career in the music industry.

Da Brat explained that she had kept silent about her s*xuality since she didn’t want the world prying into her life until 2020, when she gave an interview to Variety. She said she was worried about the impact her honesty would have on her job, her fan base, and other things.

Da Brat said in an interview, “I mean, you saw what happened to individuals like Ellen [DeGeneres]: Remember when she lost her TV program, and all these horrible things were occurring.” They were completely against it, as the people said.

While acknowledging the hazards involved, Da Brat did note that she had an excellent response when she announced her relationship with Jesseca.

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