After 15 Hours At Sea, A Cruise Passenger Was Rescued
After 15 Hours At Sea, A Cruise Passenger Was Rescued

After 15 Hours At Sea, A Cruise Passenger Was Rescued

The United States Coast Guard reports that a passenger who went missing from a cruise ship while it was sailing in the Gulf of Mexico has been found safe after spending more than 15 hours at sea. The man, who was 28 years old at the time, and his sister had been at a pub aboard the Carnival Valor cruise on Wednesday night, but he did not return after exiting to use the restroom.

The individual was located on Thursday evening, approximately 20 miles (or 30 kilometers) off the coast of Louisiana, after being searched for by a number of search and rescue teams. His status is stated to be stable at this time.

The man may have been in the water for longer than 15 hours, according to Lieutenant Seth Gross of the United States Coast Guard, who described the incident as “absolutely the longest that I’ve heard about” and “just one of those Thanksgiving miracles.” Gross told CNN that the case was unlike anything he had seen in his career of 17 years, and that the happy outcome “shows the will to live is something that you need to account for in every search-and-rescue case.”

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Gross was referring to the fact that the will to live needed to be accounted for in every search-and-rescue case. It is not clear what caused the man to jump overboard from the ship while it was traveling to Cotumel in Mexico.

In 2018, a British woman in her forties who had fallen into the Adriatic Sea after falling off her cruise ship was found and rescued ten hours later. At the time, it was claimed that she told one of the rescuers that it had helped that she was fit from practising yoga and that she has sung to prevent her from feeling chilly overnight. Both of these things were said to have helped.

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