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Crew Dragon’s Space Cruise Delayed Due To Rough Weather Predictions

Hours before the planned launch of a Crew Dragon Astronaut ferry flight to ISS (International Space Station), when they were cleared for a blastoff, post a review of weather for their northeasterly trajectory to orbit ended with a ‘negative’ recommendation due to unfavorable weather conditions which may otherwise lead to an abort.

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Crew-3 Pilot Thomas Mashburn, Kayla Barron, Commander Raja Chari, and ESA Astronaut Matthias Maurer were expected to launch from the Kennedy Space Centre on Sunday, and were all set for a 22 hour tour to the Space Station.

Consequently now the launch has been rescheduled for 1:10 a.m. Wednesday, which is the next best slot as per the location of the station in its orbit. The forecast predicts 80% favorable odds of clearer weather and much calmer seas along the trajectory of the orbit.

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