Tips to create strikethrough text in discord

Strikethrough Discord

Discord is a simple system of formatting which helps users to make sentences stand out. Discord is especially a communication platform for gamers, also allows them to chat with each other via voice, text, or video call and to sort problems among them. In Discord, texting is very easy; you just have to add a few characters after and before users choose to text.


In modern times this platform turned out to be great for everyone because everyone can join a Discord server and can enjoy it with text messages. Also, you can use different chat formats to test those who are continuously chatting with other members. This text format helps express opinions or thoughts very clearly and visualize an error or a mistake a user can strike through a text.


In Discord, strikethrough text includes a running line over it to represent a mistake or an error through the text. In Discord typing, the text is straightforward to use. You will experience Discord. Many things turned out great with time for everyone. In Discord’s formatting engine, highlights and markdown are possible. Simple formatting commands like italicizing, bolding, underlining, etc., also can type text in code block boxes by selecting colors. In Discord, users will learn easy tips of how to create strikethrough are as follows.


Tips to create strikethrough text in Discord

  1. Firstly, Launch the Discord desktop app on the user’s computer.
  2. Then, open the chat of any friend or any server and start typing messages.
  3. Then for strikethrough formatting style, the two tilde symbols (~) key, after and before the text users want to strikethrough.
  4. In the next step, two tildes cross out will be shown or ‘strikethrough,’ the text user will type the message with the symbol required; just click Enter to send the message.
  5. Then have a look that the send message will have the strikethrough text according to the placement of the symbol.
  6. In the last step, the keyboard layout has yellow highlighted keys located down the left corner for typing a tide. Users have to hit SHIFT +.

Discord plays a vital role in texting, guiding and changing formats by setting colors, bold, italics, spoiler tag, underlined text, empty lines, single line code blocks, multiple line code blocks, different combine text formats, strikethrough and day by day this platform turning out into new advantageous sections for gamers also allows them to chat with each other via voice, text or video call and to sort problems among them.

Discord is considered the best platform for instant messaging, Volp, and designed a digital distribution platform for creating communities. Users can easily operate and can easily communicate with voice calls, text messaging, video calls, media and files in private chats, or small communities known as ‘servers.’  

Final words

Discord is a free text chat, video and voice app used by tens of millions of people, and this app can be used by any age of people like 13+ to talk and hang out with their friends and communities with the proper privacy settings, so there is no risk when it opens to sites and apps with open chat. In order to maintain safety, Discord is the only way to accept friend requests and participate in private servers with people users already know. 

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