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COP26: Leaders Push For Forest Conservation, Control On Methane Emissions And Long-Term Environmental Road Map

Glasgow, Scotland, took the center stage for hosting the most important Climate Change Summit. Although the leaders have plenty to share in terms of aspiration there is little that is validated through action, as all countries have largely failed to meet their set goals from previous meetings.

The efforts needed to meet goals cannot be done in isolation but with mutually recognizable efforts since it’s the same earth inhabited by all. Paris Agreement had outlined the urgent need of keeping Global Warming in check, by limiting its effect to not more than 2 degrees Celsius, and further, trying to make the planet warmer by 1.5 degrees Celsius.

A voluntary agreement that proposed cutting down on methane gas emissions at least 30% by 2030 had over 100 signatories. It was the first time that this key gas, considered 80 times more harmful than carbon dioxide and a key cause of global warming became the centerpiece of climate talks.

Mountford in a statement expressed that, “This pledge from over 90 countries to cut methane emissions by at least 30% over the coming decade sets a strong floor in terms of the ambition we need globally,”

Taking a cue from his plan of ‘Build Better Back’ at home, Biden emphasized on abrogation of irresponsible infrastructural developments. There should be equitable involvement of local communities and sustainable development methods for making the projects.

“So this climate crisis is an enormous opportunity. It’s about jobs. It’s about building the industries of the future, making sure everyone shares the benefits of an equitable and sustainable green recovery,” said U.S. President Biden.

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Amongst other State leaders, Russia reaffirmed its pledge that by 2060 it shall get to net-zero carbon emissions. He was seen shedding light on the importance of Global Forest Conservation as well and stated that 20% of the world’s forests are located in Russia.

A video of Putin expressing his views on the same stated, “I am convinced that the conservation of forests and other natural ecosystems is a key component of international efforts to address global warming and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases,” Bolsonaro also echoed the importance of forests for his country as they covered 60% of Brazil, and further stated “They are a source of health and life and are home to the greatest natural wealth and biodiversity on the planet. We are committed to eliminating illegal deforestation by 2030.”

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