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COP-26 Kicks Off, Priorities Seen Shifting From Environmental Concerns To Blame-Games

COP-26, which is one of the most crucial Summits by the United Nations aimed at tackling climate change, and being responsible citizens to aim for sustainable development has kicked off on Monday in Glasgow.

This year it is scheduled to cater discussions pertaining to the preservation of a livable climate, reduction of greenhouse-gas emissions to a net 0 by 2050. The Member States had failed to make a commitment until yesterday, in the G-20 Summit which was seen as an important agreement that needed to take concrete form, to prevent global warming to wreak further havoc.

The Summit in Rome only came to the mutual conclusion that it is of ‘key relevance’ around the 2050 timeline, and did not actually effectuate a timeline for working towards it, and therefore no plan of action exists in writing.
Taking onto Twitter, young and celebrated Swedish climate change Activist Greta Thunberg, tweeted, “As citizens across the planet, we urge you to face up to the climate emergency. Not next year. Not next month, now.”

The various State heads attending the summit shall be seen, presenting reports on their climate change consciousness, and policies adopted to make a positive impact. They shall also be seen pledging to newer goals.
“If we are going to prevent COP26 from being a failure, then that must change, and I must be clear that if Glasgow fails then the whole thing fails,” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told Press.
This statement comes in light of the blame game being played at the event, where some nations are singled-out and called upon for their emissions, and ignore themselves being as one of the countries with the worst carbon footprint record.
Joe Biden articulated at the G-20 that, “The disappointment relates to the fact that Russia and … China basically didn’t show up in terms of any commitments to deal with climate change,”
His Chinese counterpart would be seen addressing the conference later, where retaliatory statements are expected. The COP-26 shall be observed with relevant COVID-19 protocols, such as mandatory masks for over 25,000 delegates and other attendees.

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