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Police Officer in Colorado Tragically Died After Falling From Bridge After Brief Pursuit

Colorado police officer dies after falling from bridge

Colorado police officer dies after falling from bridge

Police say that a Colorado police officer died when he fell 40 feet from a bridge while trying to catch a carjacking suspect.

Dad of two, married Officials say that Julian Becerra died at a local hospital on Saturday night, more than a week after he was seriously hurt during the chase. The Fountain officer was 35 years old and had been in the US Air Force before.

Department spokesperson Lisa Schneider said in a statement –

“We appreciate the public’s outpouring of support over the past week for Officer Becerra, his family and the Fountain Police Department.”

Around 4 p.m. on Feb. 2, officers were called in to help the Department of Corrections track down three carjacking suspects. This led to several chases in the area.

At one point, the suspects even tried to steal another car, but police were able to disable their car around 8 p.m. near a Colorado Springs bridge, said Fountain Police Commander Mark Cristiani.

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When the driver got out of the car and ran away, Becerra chased after him. During the chase, he fell off a bridge and into a riverbed, Cristiani said.

During the chase, the driver tried to jump off the bridge, but the police caught him before he fell. Becerra, who had worked for the department for four years, was put on life support on Friday, with his family around him, according to The Gazette.

A few days before Becerra died, his brother-in-law said that he was “just a fantastic guy.”

David Alderman told Denver 7

“I’ve actually gotten to learn a lot from him as a dad, and a great husband as well, just always there for his family, and never complaining.”

Police say they arrested suspects Devon Bobian, 31, Danisha Pacheco, 28, and Anthony Vallejos, 37, in connection with the car chase.

Denver 7 said that Bobian and Vallejos were arrested on multiple active felony warrants and multiple felony charges related to the chase.

Pacheco was charged with a felony for his alleged role in the chase. The TV station says that Becerra leaves behind an 8-year-old daughter and a 1-year-old son.

The department said that late Saturday, a procession was held to move his body from the hospital to the El Paso County Coroner’s Office.

The Gazette reports that Fountain Mayor Sharon Thompson said in a statement on Sunday that the city is “heartbroken” over Becerra’s death.

Thompson said –

“Fountain will forever be grateful for the selfless service and bravery of Officer Julian Becerra, and we are so proud and thankful for all our police officers and first responders who keep our community safe every day.”

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