Coldplay Will Broadcast Buenos Aires Concert Worldwide
Coldplay Will Broadcast Buenos Aires Concert Worldwide

Coldplay Will Broadcast Buenos Aires Concert Worldwide

The Music of the Spheres World Tour, which Coldplay is now performing, will soon be shown in theatres. Thousands of movie theatres in more than 70 countries will lead the band’s Oct. 28-29 concert from River Plate stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina, thanks to a deal the band announced on Thursday (September 8).

The two-night-only special, directed by BAFTA winner Paul Dugdale, will capture the explosive event in all its glory for fans who haven’t had a chance to see the eye-popping, luminous Spheres show, which has sold over 5.4 million tickets to date and raked in over $60 million in concert grosses in July.

In a statement, Trafalgar Releasing CEO Marc Allenby expressed his company’s excitement at working with the Coldplay team on a major live broadcast once again. “We are delighted to be partnering again with the Coldplay team on this major live broadcast,” he said.

“We are also expanding our partnership with [event co-producer] CJ 4DPlex on this live event featuring one of the world’s biggest artists, allowing fans to experience the phenomenal Music Of The Spheres tour on the big screen around the world at the same time.”

On October 28 (local time for North America and Latin America), the event will be broadcast live; on October 29 (local time for the rest of the world), the broadcast will continue, and subsequent screenings will be available around the world. Screening tickets go on sale on September 15 at 10 a.m., marking the beginning of Latin America’s first-ever live worldwide cinema event.

Check out this sneak peek at the live broadcast featuring recordings from the Music of the Spheres tour!

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