Chrisleys Getting a Divorce
Chrisleys Getting a Divorce

Chrisleys Getting a Divorce: Let’s See Her Views About His Divorce?

Lindsie Chrisley is evident in her priorities for her upcoming union. In October 2021, the Chrisley Knows Best alum officially ended her nine-year marriage to Will Campbell. Since then, she has spoken out about her ideal future partner.

The 33-year-old reality star commented on the most recent episode of her PodcastOne series, The Southern Tea. “I think that we have to dial it all the way back that if you’re putting yourself in a position to get married, then you should be putting yourself in a position to work through all of your problems, and divorce not be an option,” she said.

To further explain her views, Lindsie, who announced in September that she was in a new relationship, reflected on her previous union with Campbell and that of her parents, Todd Chrisley and his ex-wife Teresa Terry.

“I came from divorced people, you know, and [Will] didn’t,” said Lindsie.”And so any problems that his parents have ever had, evidently they’ve worked through them because they’re still married today. Any problems that my parents had? First of all, I don’t even remember my parents being together. That’s a whole other story for another day.”

Even when her dad, 54, entered into what she described as a “successful marriage” with his current wife, Julie Chrisley, the podcast presenter claimed that witnessing her parents’ relationship helped her develop a more positive outlook about the regularity of divorce.

“What I came from was two people who left a marriage, so I was like, ‘Well, you know, you just get divorced.’ Like, that was acceptable. And I think that once you allow it to be at an acceptable out, that to me is problematic, she continued. “I would not go into another marriage with the option of divorce. That might be an option for somebody else, but it will not be for me.”

Chrisleys Getting a Divorce

On a podcast session from December, Lindsie, who is already a mother to her ex-husband’s 10-year-old son Jackson, said she has “a desire to have another child” but doesn’t believe she needs to be married to do so.

“I do think that, at this point, it’s a deal-breaker if I was with someone and they didn’t want another, [if] they had kids and didn’t want anymore, or they didn’t have kids and didn’t want any,” she said. “I think that would be a deal-breaker to me.”

“I think one more [child] is good ’cause I already have an almost 10-year-old, so that gap is going to be a lot,” Lindsie stated. “Essentially, it would be like starting over.”

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In Wednesday’s program, Lindsie discussed divorce from her point of view and provided an update on Julie amid the Chrisley family matriarch’s seven-year prison sentence.

She informed her audience, “As far as I know, she’s doing well.” “Savannah [Chrisley] reported that the woman is doing great. According to my nanny Faye, she’s doing great. I hadn’t yet visited her in Lexington.”

In addition, Lindsie said that compared to Dad Todd’s facility in Florida, “there was a different process” she had to go through to visit Julie in prison. Ultimately, visiting has become more difficult due to issues with the Kentucky facility.

Recently, People shared a Tweet related to the Chrisleys Getting a Divorce, so let’s see what she said about her separation:

“I sent in all of my paperwork and have yet to hear back regarding the visiting. So it’s been a little bit frustrating,” she said. “The attempts to try to communicate have been a lot different than communicating with my dad.”

Julie, 50, and Todd, 54, were given a combined 19-year term for fraud in November 2022. The couple, who turned themselves into their respective prisons on January 17, continues to deny any involvement fiercely and are currently working on an appeal for their case.

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