Chris Tucker Married
Chris Tucker Married

Chris Tucker Married: The Real Story Behind Chris Tucker’s Relationship with Azja Pryor

Since the 1990s, Chris Tucker’s voice has been heard in millions of homes as Smokey from Friday, Carter in the Rush Hour series, or via his stand-up comedy.

The actor and comedian took a seven-year break from acting in April 2023 to appear in a movie about another ’90s phenomenon: the one and only Michael Jordan.

Chris’s return to the big screen in Air, a biopic that covers the early years of Michael Jordan’s well-known shoe company, Air Jordans, has increased interest in his personal life and family among those eager to see his comeback. Fortunately, we know Chris Tucker’s marital status and family situation.

Chris Tucker Married

Chris isn’t wed right now, as of the time of this writing. The Money Talks actor, though, wed Azja Pryor in 1997 after dating her for six years. Sadly, the couple’s marriage disintegrated in 2003.

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Since his breakup with Azja, Chris hasn’t been married, but there have been allegations that he once dated singer India Arie, which she rejected on Twitter in June 2020.

If Azja’s last name sounds familiar, it’s because Richard Pryor, another well-known comedian, also has the same last name. Azja, who shares the same last name as Richard, is unrelated to the late icon or his family, despite having done well for herself despite this.

Azja served as the casting director for early 2000s hits like One on One, Eve, and The 4400 in the early 2000s. Chris’s ex eventually left her position as a casting director and is now a health coach and self-proclaimed “marketing maven” and “mom boss,” per her Instagram bio.

A Son of Chris Tucker and Azja Pryor Resembles the “Air” Actor Exactly!

Although Chris and Azja’s marriage did not endure, their son Destin Tucker has kept the two ex-spouses in touch ever since. Destin, who was born in 1998, resembles his father frighteningly.

Like his father, Destin aspires to a career in Hollywood. After making a fleeting cameo as a child extra in the Rush Hour series, Destin decided to pursue a movie career after high school.

Chris Tucker Married

According to People, Destin enrolled at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2017 to study film, a choice Chris said the institution “chose” for his son. Azja, Chris’ ex-wife, posted many images of their kid, who graduated from his program in May 2021, on her Instagram to mark the occasion.

“One of the happiest days of my life. My sonshine received his degree in Cinema, Television and Emerging Media Studies with honors, from [Morehouse College],” Azja wrote in May 2021.

She continued: “The boy I dropped off in his dorm room four years ago is now a man. Son, you have always been DESTINed for greatness, and this is just the beginning. My heart is so full as we close one chapter and watch you unleash all the greatness inside.”

Chris never had any more children from his relationships following his and Azja’s divorce, therefore, Destin is his lone child. Azja, on the other hand, remarried and gave birth to a daughter named Iman with her second husband, Coach Cherif A. Ndiaye.

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