Chicago Drag Racing Crash 3 People Died on the Far South Side
Chicago Drag Racing Crash 3 People Died on the Far South Side

Chicago Drag Racing Crash: 3 People Died on the Far South Side

Drag racing is being blamed for a crash that killed three people on Chicago’s Far South Side. After the car caught fire, the people inside died.

According to CBS News, a witness heard the crash, but by the time he got there, it was too late to help. Boots and clothes that were burned show what kind of crash it was. Re’El Walker El said –

“This seems like it shows what happens when we don’t take life seriously.”

“It can happen in a split second.”

In the Washington Heights neighborhood, the car with three people in it crashed into the Grand Motel in the 12000 block of South Halsted Street.

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Walker El said that he was on the second floor of the building when he heard a loud crash. He said –

“I looked out the window and saw it was a car that was ablaze. It was on fire. There was no way to rescue anybody.”

The crash happened just before 11 p.m., according to the Chicago Police. Someone walking by told the police that they saw the car doing donuts, so they called the police.

When police were called to the area because of drag racing, they saw a car hit a pole. Walker El said –

“It sounded like it was speeding, it hit the side of the building and exploded upon impact and just blew right up.”

The Chicago Fire Department arrived to put out the fires. Once the fire was out, they went inside and found three bodies. On the spot, the victims were said to be dead.

Several police officers and firefighters were standing around the burned-out car. Walker El said that many people tried to help. He said –

“The people on the first floor tried to run out, but it was too late.”

“We pretty much knew it was a death situation, pretty much, I think. Everybody died.”

Investigators from the Major Accidents Unit looked into this crash for several hours. Walker El said –

“Just everybody slow down, take your time. That’s all you have is your time. Take your time, slow down.”

Investigations are still going on. The people who died in the crash have not been named.

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