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Global Warming? polar bears overrun Russian village

More than 50 polar bears have swarmed into a village in Russia’s far north looking for food. All public activities in Ryrkaypiy, in Chukotka region, have been cancelled, and schools are being guarded to protect residents from the bears. Conservationists…

US oil production exceeds that of Saudi Arabia and Russia

In light of recent news that the US exported more oil than it imported for the first time in the 70 years since records began

Plenty of green energy jobs but who has what it takes?

Labour has announced that it will kick-start a Green Industrial Revolution, whilst the Conservative party has stated that it will reach Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050

Soave wine region looking to protect its future

Soave Consorzio takes action against soil erosion with a pioneering programme called Soilution System. This move comes as the United Nations celebrates “World Soil Day” on 5 December.

Tornado hits Brazil

A tornado scared residents of several cities in the southern Mato Grosso on Saturday.

Do you feel lonely when working from home?

Half of the UK workforce expected to be working remotely by 2020, and expert and psychotherapist Dr. Aaron Balick says that loneliness is amongst the biggest contributors to our poor mental health.

Cyber Monday warning to brands over consumer environmental concerns

Research reveals that over three-quarters of UK fashion shoppers take into account a brands’ environmental policies before they shop with them

61% of Brits claim to be concerned about the environment but only 9% do anything about it at Christmas

A new report by KIS Finance, put together with expert insight from James Child, Head of Retail and Industrial Research at Estates Gazette, has investigated how environmental concerns are reflected in peoples’ shopping habits over Christmas – the time of year where spending is often at its highest.

Amazon Burns and blame it on Hollywood?

A few years back, Michael Caine as he then was, starred in a pretty risible film called ‘Blame it on Rio’, accusing Leonardo DiCaprio of the recent Amazon fires.