Catch Up Season 22
Catch Up Season 22

Catch Up Season 22 of The Voice and Know About the Finalists!

Catch Up Season 22: People, get ready to feel the agony. In advance of The Voice’s season 22 finale next week, three of the remaining eight performers will be cut tonight. That was unfortunate for you to experience. Our host, Mr. Carson Daly, will review the voting results from yesterday night’s semi-final performances. We’ll learn which four artists received the most votes and automatically proceed to the finale.

The remaining four will perform in the Instant Save Round once those five have been chosen. The sacrificial, er, Instant Save performances of The Voice are necessary. Still, at this time in the competition, I believe that the top five performers in terms of audience votes ought to advance without having to perform in danger.

In addition to the eagerly anticipated outcomes, we also get a few more performances that aren’t a part of the tournament. Following Blake Shelton’s brief performance of “Nobody,” John Legend makes his way out of the woods to perform his smash song “Nervous.” Finally, we have Carly Pearce’s song “What He Didn’t Do” from the country genre. It’s unique and stunning but tell us right away who will be vying for the season 22 championship.

The performers who have advanced to the final round are…

  • Team Blake’s Bryce Leatherwood here!
  • (Team Camila) Morgan Myles!
  • (Team Blake) Bodie
  • Brayden Lape of the Blake team


Team Legend: Parijita Bastola, Bob Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love”

When Parijita sings Adele’s rendition, it just sounds sweet and good. Parijita is exceptional at this kind of work. Her head voice, which is loud and clear, leaves a lasting effect. Her trainer praises her for doing well under close observation, saying, “That was amazing.”

Catch Up Season 22
Catch Up Season 22

Team Legend: Kim Cruse, “All by Myself” by Eric Carmen

I mean… Sure, Brayden Lape is cute, but to put everything on the line for her in the last round? It’s incredible how effortlessly Kim Cruse ruins her performances. She not only reaches all the high notes but also delivers the song with a lot of emotion. Coach Legend says, “You are magnificent, so powerful, so affecting,” in shock that she is back in this situation. He calls the singer “truly one of the best I’ve ever been around.”

Team Gwen: Justin Aaron, “Made a Way” by Travis Greene

It’s absurd that Justin Aaron is in this situation given his performance last night, and I hate to keep saying this. What is his plan? All the trademarks of a classic Justin Aaron song are present in this one: it’s meant to inspire, full of huge notes, and he sells them with as much enthusiasm as he can muster. Gwen Stefani, Justin’s coach, breaks down in tears as she talks about his time on the show and calls him “a gift” to the audience.

Team Legend: Omar Jose Cardona, “You and I” by Lady Gaga

Omar? Using Quick Restore? Omar won’t give up easily. That much is certain. Similar to Justin, this song seems designed to highlight Omar’s positive qualities: The easy high notes from Omar follow a gratifying build. Possibly this one? Is it one of his best actions ever? Possibly! As he moves on to the third artist in this Instant Save Round, John Legend seems to get increasingly upset. Omar is the voice, gentlemen, he argues but forcefully, if this is The Voice and contestants are chosen solely on the quality of their vocals.

Are the only people who continue to watch The Voice those who like Blake Shelton? It’s absurd that these four artists are vying for a single spot in the championship performance. Omar, Kim, Justin, and Aaron should be in the top five. In any case, let’s start the party, people. Next week’s series finale will feature Omar Jose Cardona as the fifth and final performer.

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Last Lines

People, be prepared to suffer. Three of the last eight performers will be removed tonight in preparation for The Voice’s season 22 finale, which will air the following week. You had awful luck, that’s for sure. The four artists that received the most votes and advanced directly to the finals will be revealed by our host, Mr. Carson Daly after he reviews the results of the viewers’ votes from last night’s semi-finals.

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