Cast of Ted Lasso
Cast of Ted Lasso

Cast of Ted Lasso Brings Fresh Resolutions for Every Character!

The end of Ted Lasso is almost here, so we are prepared with our biscuits and pigeon sweat. The sitcom swiftly gained popularity after its introduction in 2020, with Season 2 more than tripling its viewership and the show snagging back-to-back Emmy honors.

Season 3, which will mark the end of the show’s current season, will have Ted dealing with pressures both on and off the field, including Nate, the so-called Great’s ascent at West Ham United, and Rupert’s nasty supervision of his development.

Here are our predictions for the conclusion. We’ve analyzed each prominent cast member of Ted Lasso Season 3, currently available on Apple TV+.

  • Ted Lasso: Jason Sudeikis
  • Rebecca Welton: Hannah Waddingham
  • Roy Kent: Brett Goldstein
  • Coach Beard: Brendan Hunt
  • Nate Shelley: Nick Mohammed
  • Rupert Mannion: Anthony Head
  • Keeley Jones: Juno Temple
  • Jamie Tartt: Phil Dunster
  • Sam Obisanya: Toheeb Jimoh
  • Dani Rojas: Cristo Fernández
  • Leslie Higgins: Jeremy Swift
  • Dr. Sharon Fieldstone: Sarah Niles
  • Michelle Lasso: Andrea Anders
  • Zava: Maximilian Osinski
  • Jack Danvers: Jodi Balfour
  • Shandy Fine: Ambreen Razia
  • Georgie Tartt: Leanne Best
  • James Tartt: Kieran O’Brien
  • Pep Guardiola
  • Bex: Keeley Hazell

Ted Lasso: Jason Sudeikis

The show’s lead coach, Ted Lasso, is portrayed by Jason Sudeikis. Rebecca enlisted him in the first season to dissolve the club in retaliation for her ex, but as everyone fell in love with him, they grew close. Additionally, he successfully guided AFC Richmond to promotion in Season 2.

Cast of Ted Lasso

Rebecca Welton: Hannah Waddingham

Hannah Waddingham portrays AFC Richmond’s owner Rebecca Welton. She assumed leadership in Season 1 after divorcing her ex-husband Rupert Mannion and eventually developed into a strong defender of the team.

You can also read about other season cast details we have covered on other topics:

She admitted to being initially apprehensive about being on the show, saying, “I loved Rebecca because you get everything with her.

“You get her silliness; you get the fact that she’s overwhelmed in so many ways; you get her thinking that she’s strong in some situations, and then it’s a house of cards. You also get her actual strength, which she doesn’t realize she has – and that’s what I try and find in each of my roles.”

Nate Shelley: Nick Mohammed

Nate Shelley, a kitman Ted elevated to coach, is portrayed by Nick Mohammed. In Season 2, Nate let his resentment get the best of him. We’ll hook up with him at West Ham United in the third season.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he said: “He’s defected, he’s gone to West Ham, he’s under Rupert now. He’s enjoying, at least in the first few episodes, that newfound sort of celebrity status. He’s very vain, he’s enjoying the perks of the job, the fancy cars, and so on.”

“Saying all that, we do still recognize those moments of insecurity that I guess we were first introduced to in even Season 1. He is still that guy who suffers from chronic insecurity and that hasn’t just gone away now that he’s at a fancier club.”

If you are interested to know more about this movie cast, then see this tweeter post that daisy shares:

Keeley Jones: Juno Temple

Juno Temple plays Keeley Jones. Will her profession put an end to her relationship with Roy? In Season 3, we’ll find her running her own PR agency.

She told Harper’s BAZAAR: “Blindsided, I think, sounds harsher than the reality of what happens, but I think it’s a misunderstanding.”

Life gets busy, and things come in your way that stop something else from happening, like, for example, taking a six-week holiday when you’ve just started your own business. That’s not saying, ‘I don’t want to go there with you.’ It’s saying, ‘I have to stay here and do this right now.’”

Dani Rojas: Cristo Fernández

As Dani Rojas, Cristo Fernández is cast. He has finally recovered from the trauma of murdering a dog with a penalty kick in Season 2 and is the cheeriest player on the AFC Richmond squad.

Cast of Ted Lasso

In an interview with PEOPLE, the actor said: “I just know that this season, all the characters will have different resolutions, different moments.”

“I think the messages and the different topics we’re going to touch [on] are very powerful. And there’s more football too, soccer. So I think people are going to be very happy.”

Dr. Sharon Fieldstone: Sarah Niles

In Season 2, Sarah Niles portrays Dr. Sharon Fieldstone, a sports psychologist who assisted Ted with his anxiety and panic episodes. In an earlier interview with The Hollywood Reporter, she said:

“Sharon is probably one of the hardest roles that I’ve played. That stillness, that calmness, and also being that confident, strong character … it’s such a balancing act between allowing her to show that truth and care, and being up against someone who’s über positive and light while not coming across as hard.”

Zava: Maximilian Osinski

Maximilian Osinski portrays Zava. He is a brand-new football player that Ted Lasso, Season 3 introduces.

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