Carrie Underwood and John Legend Cover A Blake Shelton Song “Austin”

About Underwood and Legend’s cover “Austin” Carrie Underwood was with John Legend for his latest edition of “Trailer Talk” backstage at “The Voice”. Legend said to Underwood, “I was thinking it would be cool to do something country and you had a great idea.”

Carrie Underwood and John Legend Cover A Blake Shelton song "Austin"
Carrie Underwood and John Legend Cover A Blake Shelton song “Austin”

Underwood put forth, “I know that this show is all about friendly competition amongst the judges, and I feel like because you can sing anything, I would love to hear your voice on something country, so I think we should sing a Blake Shelton song and you should show him how it’s done.”

And to justify “how it’s done” the duo covered “Austin”.

In the time that they get between the recordings, the judges of The Voice have started playing karaoke sing-a-long editions of renowned songs. This has resulted in an amazing duet between the duo of Grammy-winning, platinum-selling modern legends of Shelton’s classic, mainstream debut single “Austin”.

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Shelton’s Reaction and about the Song

In a surprising response, Shelton wrote, “Damn y’all…” In an interview of 2001, Shelton mentioned his first single and hit saying, “I’ve had girlfriends I’ve gotten back together with after we’d broken up, and it never worked out. But ‘Austin’ relates to all of those situations, whether it works out or not. It’s really about second chances.”

After the release of the 20th anniversary version of the single this year, Shelton pointed out, “I remember the first time I heard ‘Austin’ on the radio.

I was driving on [Nashville’s Interstate] 440, and I kept looking to both sides, trying to see if other drivers were singing along!” He continued, “At that time, the station had a slogan about how they played new artists and legends, and the DJ said something like, ‘Who knows… maybe this artist will become one of the legends.’ This song started it all for me.”

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