Capitol Riots’ Texan Participant Sentenced To 60 Days Jail, Had Tweeted ‘Not Going To Jail’ Post-Attack

Jenna Ryan was one of the many citizens who entered Capitol Hill on Jan 06, 2021 and had created videos inside the building. After the authorities tracked her down, in August she pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor, due to demonstrating, or picketing in a Capitol building. The matter had escalated when a few weeks after her arrest Ryan tweeted, “Definitely not going to jail. Sorry I have blonde hair white skin a great job a great future and I’m not going to jail” she maintained that she did nothing wrong.

On being questioned in this regard she said that “the tweet was in response to the hate she had been facing on her racial orientation, which was being linked to the act. She defended and clarified her position in a letter to the court, stating, “I responded back apologizing for my blonde hair but that I wasn’t getting prison,” she wrote. “I wasn’t saying I was above the prison, I just felt that it would be unlikely.”

Ryan and her attorneys maintain that they weren’t a cause of ruckus at the Capitol, and were present there only briefly. They deny being involved in violence or inciting activities as done by a group of Pro-Trump supporters. She even denies seeing any act of violence.

Prosecutors have been arguing otherwise, stating the Ryan reached the spot after she saw people “climbing the walls” and hearing them say, “we’re gonna go down there and move them out of their chairs.” If these are the words that encouraged her presence, it implies she was present there to co-participate in such acts.

Finding her guilty on her own self-admission, the U.S. district judge Cooper told the accused that (due to all the media attention) she has become “one of the faces of January 6.”

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