Capitol Hill Riots Probing Committee Subpoena Ropes 10 More Trump’s Aides

Capitol Hill Riots Probing Committee Subpoena Ropes 10 More Trump’s Aides

Subpoenas were recently issued for Senior Officials and many of those working closely with Former President Trump, in connection with the Capitol Hill Riots that took place on Jan 06 this year.

The House had appointed a committee to investigate and hold responsible the ruckus creators. On Tuesday 10 subpoenas were issued, which included members serving in the then administration and helping the oval office operate.

The tally of the total number of people subpoenaed has now reached over 35.
Notable people roped in, for further investigation include Senior Advisor Stephen Miller, Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, Personnel Director John McEntee, deputy chief of staff Chris Liddell, and Keith Kellogg, who served as former Vice President Mike Pence’s national security adviser.

Keith Kellogg also allegedly was watching the riots unfold and monitoring the happenings alongside President Trump according to ‘Peril’ a book by Robert Costa.

Earlier this week spokesman Jason Miller and Bill Stepien, Trump’s campaign manager was also called before. Trump has also been closely following the progress of the case and its developments. Recently when the former President attempted to stall efforts of the Committee to extract records from the National Archives, it faced criticism from the Federal Judge and was eventually rejected.

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D.C. district judge Tanya Chutkan through the proceedings opined that President Biden’s decision to not assert executive privilege over the documents outweighs Trump’s own assertions “At the bottom, this is a dispute between a former and incumbent President,” Chutkan writes. “And the Supreme Court has already made clear that in such circumstances, the incumbent’s view is accorded greater weight.”

Trump has now filed an appeal against the decision in the Court of Appeals in D.C.

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