After Social’s Front Man Was Accused Of S*xual Assault Radio Outlets Pulled Arcade Fire’s Music

The band’s world tour kicks off Tuesday in Dublin. Several radio stations in North America have started taking Arcade Fire’s music off their playlists after Win Butler, the lead singer of the Canadian band, was accused of s*xual misconduct.

According to a report in the music news site Pitchfork that came out on Saturday, four people have said things about Butler. CBC News was not able to confirm these claims on its own. Courts have not found them to be true. Pitchfork noted that the accusations include s*xual text messages and photos that were not asked for and forced touching. People told that the alleged interactions were wrong because of differences in age and power, but they didn’t feel like they could say no to Butler.

Butler said in a statement that the accusations were false and that he had never touched a woman against her will. By Tuesday, CBC Music and other stations had decided to stop playing Arcade Fire’s songs. So far, the band’s world tour, which started in Dublin on Tuesday, has gone as planned.

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Radio Stations Begin To Pull Tracks

“I can say that we decided quickly over the weekend to take the band’s music down. We haven’t yet had a complete discussion among ourselves about how long this decision will last, “Ian March, who runs the music station Indie88 in Toronto and is in charge of its programming, said.

The head of CBC, Chuck Thompson, says that CBC Music will do the same. Thompson said, “Because of the recent accusations against Win Butler, CBC Music will stop playing Arcade Fire’s music until we know more about what’s going on.” CBC News has tried to get in touch with Corus Entertainment but hasn’t heard back yet.

Bill Childs, a radio host in St. Paul, Minnesota, said he has been keeping track of the U.S. radio stations that have also stopped playing the band’s music. Since the allegations were made public, he says, at least six stations that usually play the band’s songs stopped doing so by Tuesday.

In an interview with CBC News, Childs said, “I’m always interested in how radio stations handle it when their main artists are accused of something.” He says that some stations are still playing the band’s songs late at night, but he thinks they haven’t changed their playlist yet.

The World Tour Goes Forward as Planned

The first event of Arcade Fire’s world tour will take place on Tuesday in Dublin, and the band’s performances in North America will come to a close in Montreal in December. As of the evening of Tuesday, none of these shows had been scrapped or moved to a later date. It is planned that Feist, a Canadian singer-songwriter, will perform before the band.

Kate Mc Creesh, a longtime fan of the band for more than 19 years, stated that she and her husband had tickets to the event that will take place on Tuesday in Dublin, but they have decided not to go, even though they would lose more than $260 as a result of their decision.

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