Camden County Sheriff's Office Employees Are Being Accused Of Beating An Inmate
Camden County Sheriff's Office Employees Are Being Accused Of Beating An Inmate

Camden County Sheriff’s Office Employees Are Being Accused Of Beating An Inmate

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation helped the Camden County Sheriff’s Office look into the beating of a 41-year-old inmate in the county jail. On Tuesday, the Camden County Sheriff’s Office said they had arrested three employees who they said were involved. Videos of the event were said to have been made on September 3. The inmate is Jarrett Hobbs, and his lawyers released the videos to the public on November 14. They then asked for an investigation.

In a previous statement, attorney Harry Daniels said, “This video can’t be denied, and what the deputies did can’t be justified.” “Mr Hobbs went to the Camden County Jail because he had a mental breakdown and asked to be put in protective custody. But instead of protecting him, these deputies attacked him and beat and kicked him mercilessly…”

According to the Sheriff’s Office, Corporal Corrections Officer Mason Garrick, Deputy Braxton Massey, and Deputy Ryan Biegel have been charged with violating the oath of office and battery of an inmate.

According to the news release, “Braxton Massey has been employed with the Sheriff’s Office for six months, Mason Garrick has been employed for 18 months, and Ryan Biegel has been employed here for three years.” “All three have been taken into custody and are held at the Camden County Public Safety Complex. Before the arrest, their employment with the Camden County Sheriff’s Office was terminated by the Sheriff’s Office Internal Investigation.

Camden County Sheriff's Office Employees Are Being Accused Of Beating An Inmate
Camden County Sheriff’s Office Employees Are Being Accused Of Beating An Inmate

According to the Sheriff’s Office, the findings of the internal inquiry will result in disciplinary charges against two other employees involved. In a statement that was read from a prepared script, Sheriff Jim Proctor expressed his gratitude to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation for supporting his department with the recent critical incident. The arrest of these personnel brings to a close the criminal inquiry, and it also brings an end to their time working for The Camden County Sheriff’s Office.

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The following is an excerpt from a statement that Daniels released on Tuesday: “This is simply the first step toward justice.” The final acts are convictions and sentences of imprisonment.”

Bakari Sellers, one of the other attorneys working on the case, has also issued a statement, which says as follows: “We wish to congratulate the GBI and Director Register for their prompt and decisive action.” However, we encourage them to continue their investigation and not let it conclude with these arrests. These three instances are merely the tip of the iceberg.

On Monday, Daniels made public a letter she had previously submitted to the Justice Department. In the letter, she requested that the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division examine whether or not the attack was racially motivated as a form of hate crime. He stated that he has a sneaking suspicion that his client’s case is not the only instance of injustice at the jail.

In a conversation, Daniels stated that “this is not a one-off incident.” “Since the news of this incident became public, several witnesses have come forward. These are not invalid assertions either. You can imagine the regular claims we get and the phone calls from all over the country.

According to Daniels, one of these cases involves a former sergeant at the jail who asserts that she was wrongfully terminated for reporting what she considered excessive and unnecessary force against inmates.

According to information from the jail is facing at least two lawsuits alleging other inmates used excessive force. Attorneys for civil rights argue that the detention centre has a history of violent behaviour. Daniels has requested that the Department of Justice investigate what he considers to be legitimate claims.

When Daniels was asked about the claims, he responded, “And when I say valid claims, I’m talking about video, injuries, a lot of litigation, and some things you cannot explain.” “You can’t explain how a middle-aged man gets into a jail with no injuries, even though it appeared as though somebody put him through a gauntlet,” the witness said.

And those stories are getting out because people are afraid of getting retaliated upon, you know. There are several of those persons who are terrified. As of Tuesday, all three of the individuals who were detained are free after posting bonds.

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