call of duty
call of duty

Phil Spencer: Call of Duty Will Continue To Ship On PlayStation As Long As They Want

Phil Spencer, who works for Xbox, said that if Microsoft’s plan to buy Activision Blizzard goes through, the company will keep shipping Call of Duty for PlayStation as long as there are PlayStation consoles to ship to.

Spencer said (starting at 28:40) on the Same Brain YouTube channel, “We’re not taking Call of Duty away from PlayStation. We don’t want to do that. We don’t plan to do that, and as long as there are PlayStations to ship to, we plan to keep sending Call of Duty on PlayStation. The same thing we’ve done with Minecraft since we bought it.”

He then goes on to explain that Microsoft has continued to make Minecraft accessible on other platforms, and he suggests that Xbox might be able to do the same thing for Call of Duty over the next few years. Spencer also comments that gamers have committed a significant amount of time to the ecosystems of their various consoles. The most notable change will be the addition of new games to the Game Pass subscription service. Spencer has also expressed an interest in having the series available on the Nintendo Switch.

Elsewhere, It was announced earlier today by PlayStation that the recent launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was the most excellent PlayStation Store launch ever for a title in the franchise. This statistic considers both preorders and day-one sales of the game.

Although Spencer reaffirms his intention to keep Call of Duty on Sony’s platform, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan disclosed earlier this year that Microsoft only offered three additional years for the franchise to stay on PlayStation after the agreements currently in place expire. Spencer reaffirms his intent to keep Call of Duty on Sony’s platform.

call of duty

The transaction cannot proceed since it is being held up by the UK Competition and Markets regulator and New York City and the Justice Department in the United States. In particular, the competition watchdog in the United Kingdom has recently begun polling the general public on their thoughts regarding the issue.

In Brazil, the acquisition has already been given the green light, with the justification being that customer protection is more critical than PlayStation’s business interests.

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