Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Impressions a Slick and Stealthy Spectacle

The first part of Infinity Ward’s blockbuster, which takes place all over the world, has more kills and fun shootouts. Within the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 campaign there are no hit indicators present. In the realistic and strategic first-person shooter created by Infinity Ward, you won’t need any of them: if only one of the bullets fired from your gun hits its intended target, a short burst of blood-red mist will let you know that it was successful.

This is a fundamental principle that students are instructed on right away. Your spec-ops squad is tasked with capturing a high-priority target as the first mission of the campaign; but, when it inevitably goes wrong, you will be seeing plenty of red: one gunshot will kill anyone unlucky enough to fall in your sights, but it works both ways. Even on the normal difficulty setting, you can only survive a couple of shots before you meet the same gruesome end as the enemies you mow down.

That adds a lot of tension to the campaign of Modern Warfare 2; the series is no stranger to the whole “breach and clear a dark building” routine, but when there are enemy soldiers ready to jump out and drop you in the space of a second, it’s a whole different ball game. That adds a lot of tension to the campaign of Modern Warfare 2; the series is no stranger to the whole “breach and clear a dark building” routine.

There is a lot of bloodsheds, but Modern Warfare 2 manages to keep things relatively under control: because the game places such a strong emphasis on stealth, you’ll frequently try to avoid killing at all costs to maintain the peace, but there are still plenty of intense battles and valiant last stands to ensure that the bullets keep flying.

The sequel to Call of Duty is titled Modern Warfare 2. Infinity Ward gets the credit for this.
In addition to the increased lethality, the feel of the weaponry is the primary factor that brings the action in Modern Warfare 2 to life.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Firing a shotgun inside of a tiny space is analogous to lighting a firework in a shoebox, yet firing an EBR-14 rifle will knock troops off their feet with a quiet snap, whereas firing a shotgun inside of a small room is like lighting a firework in a shoebox.

You will get a healthy dose of long-range shootouts and close-up firefights thanks to the variety of scenery, which translates to tearing through the game’s arsenal: snipers and larger assault rifles are no match for pistols and SMGs in the brutal corridor engagements, but they feel unmatched when you’re picking off enemies with a bit of range.

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The constant shifts in setting create a rollercoaster effect that allows the player to consume as many visually impressive setpieces as they can. In one minute, you’re in Amsterdam turning its canals into a graveyard for unwary arms smugglers.

In the next, you’re on a small island off the coast of Spain, tiptoeing through a spiritual sequel to the legendary All Ghillied Up level from the first Modern Warfare. The plot of this international romp – in which you are tasked with finding some lost American ballistics missiles – is what gets the party started.

The globe-trotting special operations team that you control even manages to add a dash of rough-hewn charisma to the otherwise smooth-running campaign. Expect, though, some over-the-top imperialism that will leave a sour taste in your mouth, just as you would with the majority of Call of Duty’s modern-day forays.

At one point, you are told that it is against the law to execute or imprison the desired baddie (who is upset that the United States has shot missiles into his country), yet just a few minutes earlier, you had just leveled a small Mexican town with air assistance to detain him for a discussion.

The first few hours of Modern Warfare 2 suggest that Infinity Ward has given Call of Duty its sharpest and most mechanically satisfying campaign in years.

This is especially true if you think too hard about what you are doing in the game; however, if you can switch off and enjoy the game for what it is – a globe-trotting action blockbuster – then you will find that Modern Warfare 2 makes you feel uncomfortable.

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