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Caitlyn Jenner Says She’s Surprised Voters Kept Newsom in Power, Having Received Just Over 1% of The Vote In The Election

Caitlyn Jenner, known for being an Olympic medalist and hero of the United States of America, ran for the California governor recall election this year, having great recognition and also an insatiable desire to overthrow the current governor, Gavin Newsom, qualifying for herself as a “compassionate disruptor” who would “save” the Golden State from its liberal excesses.

Despite this, when it came time for Tuesday night’s remarks, it was noted that Governor Newsom would remain in office for the remainder of the term (expiring in 2023) and that it was also noted that Republicans they would be left out of the levers of power in Sacramento, with Jenner wavering in her first election since deciding to embark on a political career.

So far, Jenner has received 56,355 votes, which would be 1.1% of the total votes cast during the election, roughly 5.3 million votes.

Jenner was far behind conservative radio host and Republican leader Larry Elder, who got 45% of the vote during the election, an estimated 2,373,551 votes in favor of her.

A few others were ahead of Jenner in the election, including former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, who garnered 8.3% of the total votes, and the 2018 gubernatorial nominee John Cox, who carried out 4.2% of the votes.

In reaction to the results, Jenner expressed her disappointment that Newsom had survived the retirement. It should be noted that the elections were promoted by the mismanagement of strategies to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, especially concerning the closure of businesses during the first waves of the virus.

Jenner said: “He didn’t campaign for any of his successes because he doesn’t have any. I can’t believe so many people voted to keep him in office. It’s a shame. Honestly, it’s a shame. You have the government you deserve.”

Also, she added: “When I decided to do this, I was coming in as an outsider. I have been involved in politics for a long time, but I never ran for office, and I thought I needed great people to surround me, to help me get through this, that he knows the ins and outs of politics. I put together a great team, and I have to thank all of them for guiding me, the help, the work on the issues.”

In a Monday broadcast on Newsmax, he said, “For me, it’s so up in the air [with] what’s going to happen,” he said. “Number one, we have to get Gavin Newsom out of there. I think it’s going to be difficult to do that, but I hope for the best … If they don’t call him, I feel sorry for the people of California.”

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Final words

A reporter asked Jenner if he would consider competing against Newsom again in 2022 or trying his luck in a race for Congress. She said that she would keep her options open. In addition, she commented: “One thing I can say is that I have enjoyed this process. It has been uplifting, rewarding. I am a compassionate person. I love people. The process has been great. Once this is over, we will evaluate, see where we’re”.

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