The Storage Wars Exit Interviews: Brandi Passante On Her Breakup With Jarrod Schulz
The Storage Wars Exit Interviews: Brandi Passante On Her Breakup With Jarrod Schulz

The Storage Wars Interviews: Brandi Passante On Her Breakup With Jarrod Schulz

Fans of the show Storage Wars are curious as to what went wrong with the once-powerful couple after they announced that they were ending their marriage to each other. Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante starred together on the show.

Given that marriages in the United States have only a fifty percent likelihood of enduring for their whole duration, the chances of a relationship surviving the strains of reality show stardom must be exceedingly minimal. When viewers found out that one of their favorite married couples from reality television had divorced, they were startled.

Surprisingly, Brandi and Jarrod were never formally married during their time together. Even though they raised children together, ran a business together, and saw each other as life partners, the couple never really tied the knot and exchanged wedding vows. At this point in her life, Brandi is a single reality star who is also the primary caretaker of her children.

In spite of the fact that both children are now in their teenage years, you won’t find many references to either of them on the social media accounts of either of their parents. This is because the children have requested that their privacy be respected. Instead, the family has come to the conclusion that it is best to keep their children’s private lives a secret.

The Storage Wars Exit Interviews: Brandi Passante On Her Breakup With Jarrod Schulz
The Storage Wars Exit Interviews: Brandi Passante On Her Breakup With Jarrod Schulz

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Brandi And Jarrod Each Went Their Own Way

It is not entirely clear what went wrong in the relationship between Jarrod and Brandi, and as a result, the reasons for their breakup remain a little of a mystery. According to TV Shows Ace, the two truly went their separate ways in 2018, but the news wasn’t made public until the year 2020.

It is interesting to note that they were successful in concealing their personal relationship status for a number of years following their breakup. When Storage Wars first began airing back in the day, Brandi and Jarrod were always seen arguing on TV, so it’s possible that Jarrod became tired of Brandi’s dismissive sighs and eye rolls after a while.

Additionally, Brandi was a headstrong Taurus, while Jarrod was a kindhearted Libra, which meant that their zodiac signs were not a good match for one another. Fans are curious to find out what more took place. They wonder if the fact that they filmed so much together contributed in any way to the end of their relationship.

When Brandi started uploading a lot of selfies to her social media accounts, everyone immediately thought that her relationship was in trouble. Recently, she has been showing off her body more, and she has been posting a lot of images that include her drinking with her gal buddies. As a result, some of her supporters have questioned whether or not she has pushed her habit of partying to an unhealthy extreme.

The star of Storage Wars, Brandi, claims that her social media presence does not accurately portray her day-to-day existence, despite the fact that she is notoriously fast to respond to criticism. She asserts that it is not an accurate depiction of who she is as a person, despite the fact that it may provide a brief look into her life as a single parent and how she raises her child.

It is not at all obscure that the powerful couple in question is no longer together, despite the fact that it is not entirely evident what went wrong with them. Fans are under the impression that Brandi is currently dating other men in the hopes of finding the one. After the conclusion of its 12th season in 2019, Storage Wars went on hiatus. The series resumed airing in 2021, much to the delight of fans who had been waiting for its return to the small screen.

The reasons that Jarrod and Brandi decided to end their relationship are still a little of a mystery. The two had already decided to go in different directions by the year 2018, but the news didn’t become public until the year 2020. It’s probable that Jarrod became tired of Brandi’s dismissive sighs and eye rolls after a while because they were often seen arguing on TV. Brandi and Jarrod were always seen squabbling on TV.

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