Boy Found Safe After Going Missing in Michigan State Park
Boy Found Safe After Going Missing in Michigan State Park

Boy Found Safe After Going Missing in Michigan State Park!

The state police announced in a news release that a kid, 8, from Wisconsin who had been missing for two days while camping in Michigan with his family was located on Monday afternoon by volunteers from a search party about two miles from his campground.

Nante Niemi, who had joined the yearly family camping vacation for the first time, was missing after mass rescue teams from Wisconsin and Michigan combed Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State region, a 60,000-acre forested region known as the “Porkies,” for him, according to his mother, Jessica Buerger.

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Niemi, a pupil in Wisconsin’s Hurley School District, vanished at 1 p.m. on Saturday while attempting to gather firewood for the family campsite.

Within 40 square miles of the campsite, in a very rural and rugged area, some 150 search and rescue professionals looked for the boy, according to Michigan State Police on Twitter.

The Hurley School District stated that they “stand by ready with 2 buses of volunteers waiting to go help search” and mentioned that numerous specialized agencies from Wisconsin and Michigan had been stationed all around the region.

On Saturday, his mother wrote on social media, “We appreciate the outpouring support…” She pleaded with everyone, however, to “Please stay away, it will make it harder to find him!”

Boy Found Safe After Going Missing in Michigan State Park!

After getting lost off the route, the young child was discovered hiding below a log. According to what he said to the police, he “ate clean snow for hydration” and “covered up with branches and leaves for warmth.”

Niemi is in good health and has been reunited with his family. “Words can not describe the emotions and joy the students and staff are experiencing at this moment!” the school district wrote.

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