Blue Lock Chapter 186 Release Date Will Isagi Take Revenge
Blue Lock Chapter 186 Release Date Will Isagi Take Revenge

When will Blue Lock Chapter 186 Be Released? Will Isagi Get Back At Him?

The manga industry is once more on track. Many big media outlets have had a difficult couple of weeks. Most of the beloved manga series are on pause. Thankfully, very few of them are taking a break this week. Usagi’s fury will therefore be front and center in Blue Lock Chapter 186.

Isagi will be so furious and depressed at what Kunigami has done to him that he won’t see. Neo, though, is specifically trying to avoid that. Here is everything you need to know about the following chapter: Blue Lock Chapter 186 Release Date: Will Isagi Take Revenge? So let’s move on without further ado.

Blue Lock, Chapter 186: Rumors And Spoilers

For those who adore the Blue Lock, wonderful news has surfaced. A colored middle panel will be present in the most current iteration. Blue Lock Chapter 186 is titled “Karma. He has every right to get it even now because of what happened to Isagi. He needs to score in the last seconds of the game.

However, it appears that the Bastards of Munchen have won. The image has a long talk with himself in the chapter that follows. Nagi will eventually confess to Reo his plans to defeat Isagi in a titanic conflict. Despite his inability to score, the child was winning every game. The chapter will end with Nagi making an “independent request.”

The Release Date For Blue Lock Chapter 186

Nagi will be a key character in this forthcoming chapter of Blue Lock. As far as we know, there hasn’t been a delay in the release of this chapter. The most recent release will be made accessible in September 2022. Fans will be able to read all the stories only on the official Kodansha pages. We will update this page if there are any other updates about the airing of the anime.

The world of manga is starting to turn around once more. For numerous big media companies, the last two weeks have been very hard. The popular manga series was largely paused. Fortunately, only a few SMS are down this week. This implies that Blue Lock Chapter 186 will include a prominent role in Isagi’s rage. Isagi will be overcome by fury and despair in the wake of Kunigami’s deeds. Neo fervently hopes that this won’t happen, though.

Therefore, without further ado, here is all you need to know before reading the following section. Nagi will take center stage in the upcoming story and demonstrate that he is deserving of respect on par with the other Bastard Munchen team members. However, his ultimate objective is to outsmart Isagi in their setting. This trip’s real cargo is expected to be an intriguing spectacle.

Blue Lock Chapter 186:  Will Isagi Take Revenge?


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Before we go any further, let’s tell the fans the good news that’s coming. In the middle of the new chapter, there will be a beautiful colored panel. Now that we’re back to the title of the much-talked-about “Blue Lock Chapter 186,” you will be surprised. Try to guess what it will be called. Well, it’s called “Karma,” and fans may have seen it coming after everything that happened to Isagi. Now, it’s time for him to get even in any way he can. In the last few minutes of the game, Isagi has to score a goal for himself. Despite this, the Bastards of Munchen might have already won the game.

So, when the next chapter starts, Isagi will be talking to himself inside his head. The next scenes will focus on Nagi, who will talk to Reo about how badly he wants to beat Isagi. Isagi made a big difference, even though he couldn’t score any goals. Everyone was talking about him. At the end of the chapter, we can see that Nagi has made an “independent request.”

Review Of Chapter Blue Lock Chapter 185

“Rebirth” was the title of Blue Lock Chapter 185, which began with the meta vision activated as Isagi made a full charge for the target. Kurona, who was serving as a cover, was keeping an eye on him. But as Isagi was about to take the direct shot, Kunigami suddenly materialized and sent the ball into the goal. With the final goal, Bastard Munchen regained the advantage.

Yoichi only said that, in retaliation for what Kurona and Kunigami had done, he would kill them. The narrative then shifts to the bleachers, where Noel Noa is seated impassively, pondering how Isagi would respond to this betrayal. All he had to say to conclude was that Isagi shouldn’t let anything break him right now.

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