Blake Shelton Son
Blake Shelton Son

Blake Shelton’s Touching Moment with ‘Son’ Niall Horan on The Voice Leaves Fans in Tears!

Since taking on the role of stepfather to Gwen Stefani’s three sons, Blake Shelton has been candid about how much his life has changed. The country singer is leaving The Voice after the current season in part so that he may spend more time with his family.

When Shelton’s paternal impulses surfaced, they must have struck him because the new coach Niall Horan looks to be his surrogate son, and the pair had a heartwarming social media discussion before the Blind Auditions’ final stages.

So far in Season 23, the friendship between Blake Shelton and Niall Horan has been a welcome surprise. Former One Direction and Chance the Rapper members have gotten along well with the seasoned coaches, with the father-son relationship incredibly endearing.

Longtime viewers of the show knew what to expect from the cowboy’s rivalry with Kelly Clarkson, and they reignited their feud even before the episodes began airing. I’m not sure which is cuter – Blake Shelton’s words about when he knew Niall Horan was destined to be his son or how the “Heaven” singer is staring at the seasoned coach.

Shelton paid homage to his new “son” on his Instagram Stories over the weekend. The two only refer to one another as “Dad” and “Son” on The Voice, as Horan’s similarly lovely response on his own Stories demonstrates:

Blake Shelton Son

Niall Horan has nothing but positive things to say about the coach who has gained the most notoriety on the show for his antics. Even when Gwen Stefani was a coach on The Voice last season, Blake Shelton made fun of her and even traded jabs with Carson Daly’s 13-year-old son.

Horan, though, considers Shelton to be a “beauty,” and he claimed that his new “dad” couldn’t have been more hospitable when he joined the program, even assisting him through the “terrible” sections.

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It has been hilarious to see them interact during the Blind Auditions so far. Blake Shelton and Niall Horan have both worked to hone their respective country accents to the point where the cowboy occasionally allows the Heartbreak Weather singer to make his case to prospective Team Blake members.

Fans have been treated to several endearing moments between the two, including joking about fishing together and Horan helping “old man” Shelton stand up from his chair. Horan has also mastered Shelton’s signature “finger-point.”

Recently, Blake Shelton shared a Tweet related to Father / Son relation, as you can see here:

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