Blade Runner 2099 Release Date
Blade Runner 2099 Release Date

Blade Runner 2099 Release Date: Is It Happening at Amazon Prime Video?

Blade Runner 2099 Release Date: The film Blade Runner 2099 is accurate. A live-action, short-run series based on the Blade Runner universe is now under development, according to Amazon. There aren’t many details regarding the show, but we know that it takes place 50 years after Blade Runner 2049 and that Ridley Scott, who directed the first film, will serve as an executive producer.

Critics are worried about what Amazon will do with the beloved sci-fi property and lament the need for endless spinoffs of our favorite series, like The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power. The neon- and rain-soaked universe of Ridley Scott’s 1982 film and Denis Villeneuve’s 2017 follow-up, though, has much potential.

On the right hand, a new series might continue to give the dark sci-fi noir paired with absolutely outstanding music that made these two films so memorable. Or perhaps it’s time to reinvent the franchise by delving into areas of Scott’s projected future that we haven’t yet had the chance to see.

However, virtually little information regarding Blade Runner 2099 has been released thus far. Below, we’ll go through all we know about the upcoming Amazon Prime series and some of our expectations for our return to Los Angeles in 2099.

Blade Runner 2099 Release Date

Late in 2021, Ridley Scott claimed that a 10-episode Blade Runner television series’ pilot and the series bible had already been written. In February 2022, Variety announced that Amazon was in the process of developing the series. It becomes lawful to do this in September 2022.

Blade Runner 2099 has reportedly been ordered by Amazon, who have also revealed further information about the personnel working on the production.

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While this is encouraging, it is still a risky moment for streaming platforms since many projects are being abruptly canceled during creation, even in the case of Netflix’s Grendel where production is almost complete.

Although we doubt that would happen to such a prominent production, it might suggest that Blade Runner 2099 won’t be available on Prime Video for a while. Our optimistic prediction is for late 2023, while our realistic prediction is for late 2024.

Blade Runner 2099 Cast

Blade Runner 2099 will be executive produced by Ridley Scott through his firm, Scott Free Productions. The creator of the Halo and Shining Girls 2022 TV shows, Silka Luisa, has been named as the showrunner and executive producer of the new series.

Blade Runner 2099 Release Date
Blade Runner 2099 Release Date

Vernon Sanders, the head of global television for Amazon Studios, told Variety: “We are honored to be able to present this continuation of the Blade Runner franchise and are confident that by teaming up with Ridley, Alcon Entertainment, Scott Free Productions, and the remarkably talented Silka Luisa, Blade Runner 2099 will uphold the intellect, themes, and spirit of its film predecessors.”

Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson, the co-founders of Alcon Entertainment, the production company for the animated series Blade Runner: Black Lotus, have also been named as executive producers. In addition to Blade Runner 2049 co-writer Michael Green.

Harrison Ford is reportedly in talks to reprise his role as Rick Deckard, according to an exclusive story from Giant Freakin’ Robot, which was shared. However, no official information regarding the cast has yet been made public.

Blade Runner 2099 Plot

There have been no official explanations of Blade Runner 2099’s plot. In an interview with Variety, Kosove and Johnson expressed their “beyond excited” to “continue extending the Blade Runner canon into a new dimension with the bold plot that Silka has crafted.”

It’s difficult to draw any conclusions from the “new realm” and “provocative plot” at this point. Given that the next film is set 50 years after the events of Blade Runner 2049, we can speculate about some of the more prominent, overarching themes that it may explore. Warning: there will be spoilers for both Blade Runner films.

Will we finally know whether or not Deckard is a replicant if Ford reprises his role in Blade Runner, a film that has always pondered what it means to be human? Scott has acknowledged this in interviews, although it hasn’t yet been accepted as canon.

We’d love to know the answer to that. Still, perhaps it’s time for Blade Runner 2099 to move on from the mystery of whether or not the characters are replicants, which played a significant role in the plots of the two previous films and other science fiction works, like Battlestar Galactica.

Instead, we anticipate that the new series will examine the effects of Blade Runner 2049’s monumental and reality-shattering revelation that replicants may breed. What occurs when our creations take on creator roles?

Science fiction may focus on potential futures, but it always provides a rosy perspective through which we may view the world’s situation as it is right now. Therefore, we anticipate that themes like inequality, the taking away of freedom of choice and bodily autonomy, climate change, and even the emergence of fascism may be woven into the narrative of what happens to the replicants moving forward.

We’d also like to learn more about the self-care practices of replicants, a novel species in and of itself. Will replicants be divided into classes and segregated? Will the story take the form of an us vs. them conflict?

We anticipate a narrative that explores these significant issues on the nature of mankind, power, and freedom, as well as flying automobiles.

What to Watch Before Blade Runner 2099?

The degree to which Blade Runner 2099 will be connected to the first two Blade Runner films is unknown. Although this will be a new story, it is likely to explore the same themes and even have some of the same plotlines and characters given the series’ title and the fact that it makes it very clear we’re 50 years ahead of Blade Runner 2049.

Because you will have plenty of time to watch both Blade Runner and Blade Runner 2049, we strongly suggest you do so before the new series debuts on Amazon Prime Video. Watch the animated series Blade Runner: Black Lotus, set in 2032, if you want to learn more about the Blade Runner universe.

The three short films that some people perceive to be prequels to Blade Runner 2049 might also interest you. These are blade Runner Black Out 2022, Nexus Dawn 2036, and Nowhere to Run 2048. All of these stories are canon as far as we know, although they shouldn’t rank higher on your watch list than the full-length films.

Do Android Dream of Electric Sheep, a classic work by Philip K. Dick, inspired the original 1982 film. So read that if you want to learn more about the source material. Don’t expect it to be a replica of the movie; while the main plot aspects are essentially the exact, many minor details—including the name Blade Runner—were altered for the screen.

Is There Already a Trailer for Blade Runner 2099?

Expect no trailer for Blade Runner 2099 anytime soon because filming hasn’t begun, so in the meanwhile, you may view the Blade Runner 2049 trailer again to refresh your memory of the bleak setting of the Blade Runner universe.


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