A Drive-by Shooting In Birmingham Killed A Sleeping 12-year-old Girl; 3 People Are In Custody
A Drive-by Shooting In Birmingham Killed A Sleeping 12-year-old Girl; 3 People Are In Custody

A Drive-by Shooting In Birmingham Killed A Sleeping 12-year-old Girl; 3 People Are In Custody

On Wednesday, 17 gunshots were fired into a Birmingham home, killing a sleeping youngster who would have turned 13 in a month. The girl was sharing a bed with two classmates. According to Sergeant Monica Law, the incident occurred at 1:51 a.m. on Wednesday in the 500 Block of 16th Avenue N.W.

According to Law, officers from the East Precinct responded to a call about a shooting. Upon police arrival, family members reported that a girl resting in bed had been shot. On arrival, firefighters determined the youngster to be deceased. The child was 12 years old and was named Audriana Pearson by the Jefferson County Coroner’s Office.

Law stated that this afternoon, police acting on investigation leads and anonymous information from Crime Stoppers had taken three people of interest into custody. After a brief car chase, they were apprehended. According to our investigation, these individuals were involved in the murder,” stated Law.

According to Mayor Randall Woodfin, the teen’s thirteenth birthday was January 17. The Jefferson County education system placed her in the seventh grade at Erwin Middle School. That kind of suffering isn’t fair for anyone. We share the sorrow of everyone who knew Audriana,” said Superintendent Dr. Walter Gonsoulin.

“To whoever or whoever is responsible: Your carelessness is unforgivable. Because of you, one of our children will never have a chance to reach adulthood,” Gonsoulin continued. Quite simply, Adrianna was a promising young lady. Dr. Angela Bush, principle of Erwin Middle School, remarked, “She was well-liked, and she enjoyed mingling with her classmates and favorite teachers.

This morning I had the opportunity to express my condolences to Audriana’s family on behalf of everyone at Erwin Middle School. We share their sorrow and are here to comfort them in any way we can. And I want our students, faculty, and staff to know that we will get through this tragedy together,” Bush said.

A Drive-by Shooting In Birmingham Killed A Sleeping 12-year-old Girl; 3 People Are In Custody
A Drive-by Shooting In Birmingham Killed A Sleeping 12-year-old Girl; 3 People Are In Custody

According to Woodfin, as many as seventeen shots were fired into the house. He assured her family that police would be given every tool to identify those guilty of her death. During the holidays, her family is “making plans for their daughter,” Woodfin wrote on Facebook.

Audriana In the days leading up to Christmas, Pearson had every intention of relaxing. However, yesterday night, as she slept in her bed, her life was taken from her. Woodfin wrote, “She was killed in a drive-by shooting; another of our children taken from us as a result of the heinous and careless actions of others.”

It aches my heart, the mayor continued, since “there is little to be cheerful about in houses where laughing has been muted by gunfire.” “This morning, I called Minnie’s mom. She had her heart set on a pink iPad and a pair of AirPods for the holidays.

Today, a lady who answered the door at the residence where Audriana was shot claimed the family was not ready to respond. One problem that hasn’t gone away in our city is people’s inability to keep their cool during conflicts, according to the police.

We are sick and tired of seeing our neighborhoods destroyed by needless gun violence, leaving families heartbroken, furious, and suffering. When the victim is a young child who should have had many more years to learn and grow, no family should have to deal with the tragedy of murder.

“Children should be able to spend the holidays with their family without fear. They should not have to fear for their lives in the one place they consider to be safest. Detectives will collect as much evidence as possible, but we can do the most good by bringing those responsible for harming our children to justice.

Birmingham homicide investigators can be reached at (205) 254-1764, and those who choose to remain anonymous can call Crime Stoppers at (205) 254-7777. This is Birmingham’s 140th homicide of the year, and the victim was a youngster. Ten of them are justified. Therefore, they are not considered illegal. Of the 188 homicides in all of Jefferson County, 140 have occurred in Birmingham.

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