Is Bioshock Movie Going To Be Released On Netflix?

It doesn’t always work out well when popular games are turned into movies. Well, they never work out. But could the BioShock movie on Netflix be an exception? BioShock is ready to be turned into a movie or TV show because of how popular it is, how long it has been around, and how big its themes are. But how good will it be?

BioShock has been planned as a movie, so this isn’t the first. Take-Two and Universal Studios were going to make a BioShock movie in 2009. Gore Verbinski was going to direct, and John Logan would write the script.

There were scripts written and actors signed on, but in 2010 the production fell apart, and the movie was canceled. Michael Green and Francis Lawrence, two of Hollywood’s hottest and most reliable writers and directors, will write and direct the new BioShock movie on Netflix.

Green, for example, is a very talented writer who wrote Logan, Blade Runner 2049, and American Gods. On the other hand, Lawrence directed four of the five Hunger Games movies and I, Robot, which starred Will Smith. BioShock couldn’t have asked for a better team of directors and writers.

BioShock Film Plotline

Netflix says that the BioShock movie will only be based on the first game in the series. This opens the door for more movies if the first one does well. We don’t know much about the production or plot at the moment because the script hasn’t even been written yet.

BioShock Film Cast

We don’t know who will play Andrew Ryan, Jack, Frank Fontaine, Sander Cohen, or Big Daddy in the BioShock movie because the film, its director, and its writer have only been confirmed. This means that casting for the movie is still a long way off.

Even though, of course, we have our hopes. I’d love for some well-known actors to be involved in this project. I’d also like to see a real Big Daddy, not some nonsense made with0 CGI. An actual dude in a suit. I think Netflix will have a big hit on its hands if it can do that.

Again, nothing is known about who will play Big Daddy at this time. But whoever it is will have to be a big guy, making me think of either The Rock or Dave Bautista. Either would be great for the part, especially if the movie has flashbacks showing how Big Daddy got to be who he is.


BioShock Release Date

You should not expect a trailer for Netflix’s live-action Bioshock movie to be released soon because work on the film has not officially begun. For the time being, you can refresh your memory of Rapture by watching the promotional video for the first BioShock game, which was released in 2017

BioShock Trailer

Hence, There is No Official Trailer Of the Bioshock, But We will Update You As The Trailer is Release As Soon As Possible. But there is a Fan Made Video For You That You Can Anticipate The Release Date of the Movie

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